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Intramurals 2013


Picture of Flag Football winnersThe flag football winners:

Gavin Ijima
Jordan Thomas
Justin Pagan, Captain
Austin Makaehu
Danny Kong
John Bascuk
Kainoa Lauriana
Kolu Hashimoto
Joseph Kamealoha
D.M. Scofield
Benji Zablan

Congratulation on the victory and thank you for supporting our sexual violence prevention program.



Our punt, pass and kick tournament has ended. Participants had one attempt to punt, pass and kick a football down a field. The final distance was determine by the length of the attempt minus the accuracy of the attempt. A line was placed in the middle of the field area to determine this. Students learned at least two valuable lessons because of their participation. 1) they all learned a little more about domestic violence because they watched a video prior to participation and 2) they all learned that old timers still can play and compete:-) Chancellor Doug Dykstra proved that he still got it and Counselor Ryan Perreira had the most total distance.

Intramurals in sponsored by the Sexual Violence Prevention Program. One of the goals of intramurals was to get more men involved and to provide them with more awareness of the issue. According to my waiver forms, 12 of the 14 participants were men, each of them now more aware of this social problem; and perhaps, a new champion to fight the cause.

We had three divisions, faculty, women and men. The winners are:

Faculty - Ryan Perreira, 364 feet
Women - Kainoa Mala, 240 feet
Men - Kaohu Summers 318 feet