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Teaching Squares


A Teaching Square consists of three or four faculty partners (ideally from different disciplines) who observe at least one class taught by each partner. You should expect to visit between three and six classes, and have visitors three to six times.

The program is designed to enrich teaching and build community through a structured, collegial process of classroom observations and shared reflections.

A Teaching Square is a small group of faculty from different disciplines who:

  • engage in reciprocal classroom visits
  • share teaching material
  • reflect on classroom observations
  • share reflections with colleagues at a lunch meeting

The program captures the best aspects of peer evaluation – peer observation and discussions – while eliminating the elements of judgment and evaluation; and by participating in Teaching Squares you will have the opportunity to experience the joy and confusion of being a student.

This program involves approximately 5 to 8 hours in the semester.


Note: the program at WCC is developed from a similar program at LCC developed by Donna Matsumoto and Della Kunimune