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Independent Studies


Independent Studies offers students the opportunity to participate in the creation of academic learning experiences designed to meet individual needs, interests, aptitudes and desired outcomes. It is intended to serve the student, who after completing the requirements of an introductory course, may wish to continue an in-depth study of a particular topic or issue previously covered, or who may wish to reinforce understanding of concepts or relationships covered.

A student at the College, under faculty supervision, may design an independent study project at any of three levels: Vocational (099) or Academic (199)/(299). An independent study project could take the form of directed reading, research, or field work experience. Students are encouraged to develop original projects and the project must be appropriate to the student’s program of study, related to the existing college curriculum, and in the area of the supervising instructor’s and/or co-advisor’s expertise.

Independent study projects are undertaken with at least one student selected faculty advisor. The advisor must be a member of the College faculty and participation by this faculty member is voluntary. The advisor serves as a facilitator of learning, guiding the student in establishing and achieving the goals of the independent project. An advisor may recommend particular preparation before a student undertakes a project.

No more than 12 credits in any combination of independent study or cooperative education can be applied to meet the Associate Degree requirements. Procedural details may be obtained through an instructor or the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs’ Office.

The deadline for registration in an independent study course is the end of the Add Period for the second 8-week session.

The Process