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Guidelines for Independent Studies Projects


Criteria for Independent Study (see current Windward CC Catalog for details)

1. No more than 12 credits of independent study and cooperative education can be applied to an Associate Degree.

2. Independent Study is intended for students who wish to continue an in-depth study of a particular topic after completing the requirements of an introductory course

3. Independent Study projects are undertaken with at least one student-selected faculty advisor from the College.

4. Selected faculty must be from the discipline in which the independent study is to be done.

Procedures for Establishing an Independent Study Project

1. Complete the Independent Study Project Proposal Form (form fillable pdf)

  • make sure that the form includes signatures from the student, the project advisor and the department chair

2. Attach course outline, which shall include:

  • Course Description
  • Course Objective
  • Required Activities / Method of Instruction
  • Textbook / Resource Materials
  • Method of Grading

3. Submit to Academic Affairs in Hale Alakai 121

After obtaining the Vice-Chancellor's approval and all other required information, the Office of Academic Affairs will send the instructor a copy of the form and forward the original to Admissions and Records who will then register and notify the student via email. Note: Students cannot register for Independent Study Projects online.