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Directory of Administration and Administrative Support


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Beatson, Bonnie Marketing and Public Relations Director
Hale Laʻakea 242235-7374
Hale Alakaʻi 119235-7402
Eschenberg, Ardis Chancellor
Hale Alakaʻi 119A235-7402
Hunt, Jeff Director of Institutional Research
Hale Alakaʻi 106C235-7442
Kaun, Nalani QuinnInformation Specialist, Office of Planning, Research and Assessment
Hale Alakaʻi 106A235-7311
Lubin, Jan Director of Planning and Program Evaluation
Hale Alakaʻi 106A235-7456
Mattos Harrell, Erin Secretary to the Dean of Academic Affairs, Division I
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7445
Sasaki, Charles Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Hale Alakaʻi 121D235-7443
Tani, Kahea Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7405
Vice Chancellor for Administrative ServicesInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7403
Vice Chancellor of Student AffairsInstitutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 202A235-7466