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Windward Community College is known for its outstanding and dedicated faculty who give students the confidence to succeed in any walk of life of their choosing. Windward CC offers students a solid foundation in the fine arts, marine, earth, and planetary sciences, Hawaiian studies, and journalism, as well as vocational training and continuing education.

You can also support Windward Community College with a bequest or planned gift. For more information, visit our office of Estate and Planned Giving.

For more information, contact:

Ardis Eschenberg
phone: 808-235-74028

Picture of students

A Lifeline for Students

More than half of the 2,800 students attending Windward Community College receive financial aid and many more are in grave need of financial help. The rising costs of tuition, books and fees confront students with a tough choice between finding more funding or quitting scho ol. Scholarships can be the difference.

Picture of a theatre production

Palikū Theatre:
Our Performing Arts Jewel

Since its first production in 2002, Palikū Theatre has gained a reputation as one of the most comfortable, accessible and desirable mid-sized performance venues in Hawai'i. Its elegant architecture combines a Hawaiian sense of place with 21st century technology to create a memorable experience for theatre-goers. Palikū Theatre is becoming a magnet for fine and performing arts for all of O'ahu. Its dramatic setting, unique design and community mission are making it a sought-after venue for a range of creative endeavors—from concerts and dance performances to plays and film showings.

Agripharmatech students with Inge White

Ethnopharmacognosy – not even a word in Wikipedia!

What exactly is Ethnopharmacognosy? It's nature's plant-based medicines that ethnic peoples around the world have derived and used for centuries. Today, highly sophisticated machines can determine the specific vitamin content, and medicinal properties of any plant sample.

Picture of nursing student

Certified Nurses Aide:
Giving Hope to Underrepresented
Students to Earn a Living Wage

In 2007, Windward Community College started the Nursing Pathway as a way out of poverty for economically challenged students. The concept was to go beyond preparing students for low wage jobs as Nurse Aides ($12/hr.), to invest in students who would traditionally not seek professional degrees. Students are mentored along a "pathway" to a professional career as an LPN ($22/hr.) and ultimately as an RN earning a living wage of $35/hr. Through this program, students can improve the long-term outcome for themselves and the next generation, and also diversify the pool of health care workers.

Picture of the library Learning Commons

Library Learning Commons:
A Gathering Place to Inspire Our Students

Designed to inspire student learning, the Library Learning Commons will be THE place for students to gather, work in groups, and get expert assistance from librarians, media and computer specialists, resource teachers, and counselors. More than 50,000 students visit the library each year to study, collaborate with others and complete out-of-class assignments. More than 1,500 students annually receive formal instruction in accessing and evaluating information sources. Close to 5,000 students obtain personal assistance from library staff. Many more students and faculty will visit the new, inviting Library Learning Commons to use other services that will also be housed in the new building: testing and tutoring services, career and academic advising, speech, math and writing labs, media lab, and video and audio studios.

Vet Tech picture

Veterinary Technician Program:
Training Hawai'i's First Para-Professionals

Veterinary Technology is among the five fastest-growing career fields in the nation. 'Vet Techs' perform vital tasks from assisting with physical exams to surgical assistance, from performing dental cleanings to conducting diagnostic laboratory tests. Hawai'i's Veterinarians are seeking trained professionals to do the job, and Windward Community College is now providing the training. Vet Techs are desperately wanted at animal shelters, lab animal facilities, and private veterinary practice (there are over 80 veterinary clinics in Hawai'i).

Picture of the imaginarium at night

Center for Aerospace Education:
Inspiring Students to Explore Science:

From the exciting world of rocketry to exploring our astronomical universe, the Center for Aerospace Education is inspiring Windward Community College students to kindle a life-long love of science. Firing a rocket from our Great Lawn, learning how to build rockets, airplanes, satellites and more; exploring our solarsystem, discussing space exploration and colonization, understanding the nature of our sun, learning from weather satellites and grasping the complexity of our weather—this is only a glimpse of all the CAE offers students and the community.

Adopt a Show (PDF)

Fund a Star (PDF)

PaCES picture

PaCES: Giving High School Students the Confidence to Seek Higher Education

Seven years ago Windward Community College teamed up with the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology to create a unique learning experience for high school students. The concept was simple: Outdoor experiences and hands-on college level laboratory work with an emphasis on the environment to get students excited about college.

PIcture of students working on a computer

Unique Campus Needs:
Support the WCC Advancement Fund

The WCC Advancement Fund is the only fund available to the Chancellor for special needs that arise, such as the camera that was needed for art documentation at Gallery Iolani, or covering the cost to send several honors students to seminars, or even new robes for the choir. Your support of this fund is critical for the advancement of WCC’s students and faculty.



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