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The Windward Community College Geocache


Geocaching is a high-tech hide-and-seek game using a GPS unit. Anyone who has a GPS unit can participate in this fun activity. Join us! For more information, contact Toshi Ikagawa (the Geocaching Coordinator) at

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In progress

We are also the guardian of Josefa Moe's "What a life" cache

21.35635 (N 21°21.381)
-157.76483 (W 157°45.890)

Library Resources

The WCC Library has a Geko GPS unit! You can check it out and go geocaching. If you'd like to plot your traveled truck on Google Earth (or on a GIS map), you can down load GPS data from the Geko unit to a PC using a PC interface cable, which is also available at the Library. Just ask for a "GPS unit" and "GPS unit PC interface cable" at the Library desk.

The Library also has many reference books on GPS, GIS and geocaching.

Other Resources