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Highlights from the Geocache Log


Here are some highlights from the WCC geocache logs available at

To find a cache at, you must create an account. You can then search for a cache based on zip code. At the bottom of a cache's information page is a link to the log for that cache.

Common jargon in geocaching logs

  • TFTC/TFC: Thanks for the cache
  • TNLN: Took nothing, left nothing
  • SL: Signed logbook
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This was a good hide - but I felt like the buildings had eyes. Had to take cache for a walk just to look inside without being muggle-spied. When I returned there was a security guard taking a nap in his cart about 15ft from cache. So I had to tour the area for about 45 minutes until he left. TN: L:Fishing Float SL ZAP!

Ty-n-Lu and Team_DDNight were in the area and decided to get this one....they found it previously, but this was our first time here.
WE CANNOT BELIEVE THIS STAYS HERE!! With all the activity, how does it not get muggled???
Thanks for taking us there.

The third and final (more coming ?) cache pf Windward Community College. My 12 yr old daughter couldn't believe when she found it! TNLN THC

Found with Hiking Wabbit. Took nothing left nothing. Beautiful location.....TFTC

# 2 of my “BACK TO SCHOOL” trip to the windward side of the island. One thing I want to say about these WCC caches - they are BOLD. They seem to be looking at you screaming “HERE I AM! COME AND GET ME! DON’T TRY ANY PUSSYFOOTING AROUND OR TRY ANY STEALTH MODE STUFF! JUST COME AND GET ME! CHICKEN!"
This has to be one great recruitment tool for the GIS class. I wonder how many students see the crazy cachers find this one, go over to it later to see what the thing is, and then sign up for the GIS class? Shoot, I wanted to!
Mahalo for the cache.

Wonderful, clear morning with a nice view of Puu Keahiakahoe while walking up to Windward Community College. Found the round yellow bucket at 6:45AM without much problem... even though the security guard was parked right near it overlooking his kuleana. A'ole pilikia & Mahalo nui loa. The Travis Ohana - the Maui & Sisters people.

I attended WCC for two years, so I knew where the cache would be. E-Z find as to the description of the container, Big & Bright would be good ! Got this one at 8:30 am & not much foot traffic around! STF, TN-LN, SL,TFTC !


On the windward side with the little germs to visit papa today. I remembered the new cache was down here and very kid friendly . Decided to stop by, place was practically deserted. The littles germs did the caching, I just followed. Good fun ! T: girl action figure and owl, L: JITB Antena Ball. TFTC!

Our 2nd cache of the day, and 2nd ever. Another good one for newcomers to geocaching. Easy and really fun contents, well worth the hunt! My son "Tsunami" took a kukui nut lei, I took a small "I love WCC" button for my mom who was an instructor at this college for over 20 years. We left an origami crane, Sally the Porsche and another coupon for a free shave ice from Island Snow Hawaii. Definitely addicted to this "sport". Mahalo for the cache!

Spending a short time on Oahu and what better way to see the island than geocaching. MFTH. TNLNSL

Note - Don't believe any of the TB are in the cache.

My little brother spotted this cache. This was his 1st find. TFTC. SL.

11AM - a great Christmas day geocaching and enjoying one of the best beaches in the world! Plenty of goodies in this one! Just nothing I needed! TNLNSL - Mahalo! Enjoyed walking around the campus - I had been here many years ago for a ham radio test (K7QNZ)

I had the day off, so I decided to do a “BACK TO SCHOOL” trip to this side of the island. Yep, thar be a yellow bucket here! With a red TWISTY top (just in case some other HOMER doesn’t see the pictures on the lid before trying to pull the top off- DUH!) Not many muggles out, and I waved to no one in particular every now and then JUST in case the GIS class was watching me.
SKINK TB is still there, but I did not notice CLIFFORD TB.
Mahalo for the cache.

Found with M.O. Huge cache container allows space for many interesting items. I remember when this facility was rundown and had a bad reputation. The past few years of renovations and conscientious maintenance have turned it into a beautiful spot. Took an "I luv WCC" button; left Santa and his rattle; signed log. Sea Tea