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Teacher Mentoring


Contact your department chair is you would like to be assigned a teacher mentor

Characteristics of a Good Mentor

  • Is supportive and willing to listen
  • maintains confidentiality
  • Is not judgmental
  • Has time to meet

A Mentor can help...

... with the Campus

  • Where to go for resources
  • What development opportunties are available
  • Where to find funding
  • Where to find office supplies

... with Teaching

  • Describing what Windward CC student are like
  • Serve as a demonstration teacher
  • Brainstorm ideas for classes and be willing to share ideas
  • Attend classes to offer feedback
  • Connect the new teacher to other faculty, including counselors and librarians

... with Coping

  • Emphasizing that getting help is expected
  • Assuring that making mistakes are okay
  • Understanding that having an off-day in class is to be expected


  • "Teachers’ perceptions of what was most (and least) supportive during their first year of teaching" by Michele Marable (PDF available via EBSCO - login required) - the article focuses on high school teachers
  • How to Mentor in the Midst of Change by Cheryl Granade Sullivan (eBrary)
  • Teacher Induction and Mentoring : School-based Collaborative Programs edited by Gary P. DeBolt (eBrary)
  • Keeping Good Teachers edited by Marge Scherer (eBrary)

Other Resources