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Student Services and Policies

Helping students overcome the obstacles posed by financial need, academic deficiencies, physical disabilities, and personal problems is the task of all the faculty and staff at Windward but particularly the responsibility of Student Services.  Academic advising, career counseling and placement, financial aid, admissions, records, registration, and student activities are just some of the services provided to help students.  Faculty members will find the Student Services staff helpful in resolving record keeping problems and with all forms of student counseling.

Registration, Class Lists, Adds & Drops

Registration:  Students register for your classes at early and late registration on the dates listed in the schedule of classes.

Class Lists:  Class lists may be printed from your computer.  Please check with the Admissions and Records Office for assistance.  From time to time, check the Student Information System for class lists.  Please check these very carefully and report any discrepancies immediately.  These lists will serve as the basis for student grade reports—anyone not on the list will not get a grade report and those on the list must be given a grade.  Please remind students that if their name appears on the class list, they will be held fiscally responsible for all course costs.  They must disenroll themselves.

Adds to Classes:  For the first two days of the add period, the counseling staff will add students to classes with open seats.  The last three days of the add period, the counselors will add students only by written permission from you.  Your notes should be dated.  Please do not sign after the published last day of the add period.  You are not expected to add beyond your official class limit, and in some cases it may actually be detrimental to the class to do so.

Drops and Withdrawals are handled by students at the Admissions and Records Office.  Deadlines for these actions are published in the schedule of classes.  Please urge students who must drop or withdraw to do so officially, so that they will not be subject to receiving a letter grade in a course that they intended to drop.

Incomplete Grade

The Windward Community College Catalog states that the “I” (incomplete grade) “is a temporary grade given at the instructor’s option when a student has failed to complete a small part of a course because of circumstances beyond his or her control.  The student is expected to complete the course by the last day of instruction of the succeeding semester.  If this is not done, the “I” will revert to the contingency grade identified by the instructor.”

If you have a student who, because of life circumstances, needs or requests an incomplete, please follow these guidelines:

  • Complete an “I” Incomplete Completion Form.  Forms are available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. 
  • Submit this form, with the contingency grade, to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Instruction.
  • When the student submits the requisite work to complete the class, it is your responsibility to file a change of grade form with the Admissions and Records Office.  These forms are available from the Admissions and Record’s Office.

If you have questions, the Vice-Chancellor’s office staff can assist you.