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Accessing Rooms and Equipment



The Business Office (in the center of Hale Alaka’i) is authorized to issue keys.  You will be issued a key to your classroom (which most likely opens the outside doors, the AV room, and some of the other classrooms in the building) and a key to your office.  If you need additional keys, such as to Hale Alaka’i when you need to get to your mailbox after hours or on weekends, see your Assistant Dean/Dean who may approve a key request form for you.

Faculty are responsible for keys.  They should not be duplicated or given out to students.  There is a $25 charge to replace each lost key.

Locking Up

If your class is the last one before lunch, in the late afternoon, or in the evening—PLEASE LOCK THE CLASSROOM when you leave.  If in doubt, please lock up.  Security of equipment is everyone’s responsibility.  Due to budget constraints, equipment lost through theft may not be replaced.

As you may know, the University is very concerned about energy costs.  Please be sure to turn off lights and fans when you leave.

Equipment & Furniture

Inventory is always a problem.  Please cooperate with the Chancellor’s Office by letting them know if you move anything with a silver decal.  The following forms are available from the Dean’s staff:

Equipment Transfer Form” (yellow half-sheet)—to record movement of equipment (with a silver decal) from one place to another;

Work Request Form” (blue half-sheet)—to request for assistance to move equipment from one location to another;

Loan Agreement for Use of Educational Materials/Equipment Form” (white full-sheet)—to request to borrow equipment to do catch-up work or to meet unusual deadlines.  This should be for a specific need and only for a short duration.  It is understood that, if equipment is damaged or stolen while it is in your home, you are personally responsible for its repair and/or replacement.  Any loan of equipment must be in accord with each department’s loan plan, and in some cases, requires administrative approval.


June 26, 2014