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Campus Communication



You will be assigned a mailbox in Hale Alaka‘i, Room 127.  Please check it regularly, especially for official correspondence.


The telephone in your office works through a central campus switchboard.  Dial “9” to get an outside line.

You can receive calls, either by having your callers go through the switchboard (235-7400) or by dialing directly to your phone.  Dial 235-7 (for extensions 300 to 499) or 236-9 (for extensions 100 to 299) followed by the three digits of your office extension.  If a call comes through the switchboard and you are not in your office, the caller can leave you a voicemail.  If you need assistance in using the phone system, please contact the Office of Administrative Services, Hale Alaka‘i, Room 120.

Please ensure that your information is correct on the Campus Directory.

Mailing Lists on Campus

Email and Mailing lists

Faculty and staff are assigned an email account from the University of Hawaii system. The email address will be your UH username followed by "".

To be added to the campus facstaff list, please contact Bryan Tokuda. The facstaff list is an essential way to receive campus-related announcements. The e-mail for the facstaff list . The "lists" portion of the email was added in Spring, 2010.

Any emails coming from non-subscribers will have to be approved before it goes through.

Note: if you are a new teacher, you ought to obtain your Banner ID instead of requesting just an email account. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for more information.

Web Pages

A college web page is set up for every faculty member to provide contact information, office hours, teaching schedule and other basic material. The web page can be accessed via the Campus Directory. Additional material can be uploaded to that page or to a personal web site which can be provided by the college.

From time to time, please ensure that your web page is active and the information is correct. Contact the webmaster at for more information.

You can also create a personal webpage via your UH username. Information on that service can be found on the UH ITS website.

Bulletin Boards

There are a number of bulletin boards all over campus.  The master events calendar, located in Hale Alaka‘i (near the front entrance), lists meeting dates and events on campus.

Our Resources

The Ka Ohana, our student newspaper, is published monthly throughout the semester.  A copy of each issue will be placed in your mailbox.