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First Year Experience



  • Meet other students
  • Meet faculty
  • Tour the campus
  • Learn strategies for success
  • Activities!
  • Giveaways!
  • Free Stuff!


Meet the staff that’s here to support you

  • advising/counseling
  • financial aid
  • admissions & records
  • student support services

First-Year Learning Communities ("Frosh Cohorts")

These first-year seminars combine a 3-credit elective course of Introduction to College (IS 103) with a 3-credit required course such as Speech, Hawaiian Studies, History, Anthropology, and more. In this 6-credit block you will work with the same set of faculty and classmates to build connections, deepen learning, and start college off on the best foot possible. First-Year Learning Communities are required for new-to-college students who place into Math: 75x, 82, 78+100, or 88+103 and/or ENG 23 or ENG 100/100x. First-Year learning communities are optional for all other entering students.


Here’s where to get help – tutoring, mentoring, financial aid and more!