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Assessment Process Meta-AssessmenteveryoneanonymousSeptember 20, 2019

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Notes to the Discussion System

The discussion board is a way for individuals and groups at the college to solicit feedback to inform decision-making. It is not a decision-making process in and of itself. The advice is just that, advice, and should not be understood as a command.

To create a discussion, send the discussion topic, the proposed discussion title, and all attachments to

Depending on how they are set up, specific discussions can be viewed by three types of groups:

  • everyone
  • anyone with a valid UH username
  • anyone listed in the college directory

Likewise, specific discussions allow for one of three types of commenting:

  • anonymous - a valid UH username is required, but your identity is not recorded
  • anyone with a valid UH username
  • people listed in the college directory

Some discussions can be viewed and commented on by college employees. Others can open to anyone with a UH username.

This discussion system superscedes the New Initiatives forum created by the Faculty Senate in 2009.