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Main Switchboard: (808) 235-7400

Campus Security: (808) 235-7355

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Last Name and First NamePositionLocationPhone
Admissions and RecordsInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 112235-7432
Aerospace Exploration LabInstitutional
Hale ʻImiloa 135235-7321
Akatsuka, Clayton Mathematics Professor
        e-mail: akatsuka@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 112236-9279
Akina, Charlene Workforce Development Coordinator, Instructor
        e-mail: cmakina@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 109A235-7428
Akina, Sarah Counselor; Paipai o Ko‘olau Project Director
        e-mail: inouyes@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 109235-7326
Akioka, Wendy Kalaekea Ka Hoʻolaukaʻi Papahana o ka Māla Aʻoaʻo Kaiāulu - Māla Aʻoaʻo Project Coordinator
        e-mail: wakioka@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 130462-4712
Akiona, Christine Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
        e-mail: akionac@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 202235-7466
Allen, Ryan Janitor
        e-mail: rallen92@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Allen, Tricia (Patricia)Hawaiian and Pacific Island Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: allent@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 105236-9249
Alo, Kaahu Counselor; Student Life Coordinator
        e-mail: kaahualo@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 232235-7354
Among, Patrick Office Assistant, Admissions & Records
        e-mail: pamong@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 112235-7432
Antonio, Cresencia Janitor
        e-mail: clantoni@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Arakaki, Renee Title III Evaluation Specialist and Music Lecturer
        e-mail: reneea@hawaii.edu
Asing, G. Kau'i Food Science Lecturer (online only)
        e-mail: gasing@hawaii.edu
ASUH-WCC (Student Government)Institutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 203235-7390
Badua, Audrey MendozaSpeech Assistant Professor
        e-mail: amendoza@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 107236-9221
Banac-Aricayos, Kuincey Janitor
        e-mail: kuincey@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Baquiring, Derwin Operations and Maintenance: Building Maintenance Worker
        e-mail: derwinb@hawaii.edu
Barclay, Robert English Professor and Language Arts Chair
        e-mail: rbarclay@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 236236-9236
Bassford, Kimberlee Journalism Instructor and Ka Ohana Faculty Advisor
        e-mail: kbassfor@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 239235-7396
Baxter, Kathleen Veterinary Educational Specialist and Animal Science Lecturer
        e-mail: kabaxter@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 127236-9241
Beale, Allison Pharmacology Lecturer
        e-mail: abeale@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118236-9117
Beatson, Bonnie Marketing and Public Relations Director
        e-mail: beatson@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 242235-7374
Bensman, Lisamarie Psychology Instructor
        e-mail: bensman@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 122236-9232
Bissonnette, Martine Chemistry Lecturer
        e-mail: martineb@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118236-9117
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 160235-7418
Boyd, Jamie Health Programs Coordinator; Associate Professor
        e-mail: jamie.boyd@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 111235-7384
Briggs, Paul Economics Professor
        e-mail: pbriggs@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 126236-9218
Brubaker, Trish Media Distribution Manager
        e-mail: pyb@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea Annex 242E235-7301
Buckley, Jeannine English Lecturer
        e-mail: jeannine.buckley@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 121236-9224
Business OfficeInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7411
Cacatican, Chris Janitor
        e-mail: chriscac@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Cadora, Marion WArt Lecturer (online only)
        e-mail: mcadora@hawaii.edu
Camvel, Donna Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: donnaono@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 104236-9295
Career and Community Education (CCE)Institutional
Hale Kuhina 103235-7362
Carico, Dani VETA Online Coordinator, Animal Science Instructor
        e-mail: caricod@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 126236-9165
Carter, Sylvia Counselor; First-Year Experience Coordinator
        e-mail: sacarter@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 232235-7476
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7411
Chambers, Faye Safety and Security Manager, Interim
        e-mail: fchamb@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 113235-7343
Hale Alakaʻi 119235-7402
Char, Marin Evening Circulation Manager
        e-mail: marinc@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 235-7461
Chigawa, Steven Financial Aid Officer
        e-mail: chigawa@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 107235-7457
Ching, Sherry Campus Maintenance Officer
        e-mail: sherry3@hawaii.edu
Cho, Karen Personnel Officer
        e-mail: kcho@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 120B235-7404
Chong, Matt HTP Assistant Data Analyst
        e-mail: mm6@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 116235-7353
Chong, Patricia Counselor
        e-mail: chongpat@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 208235-7425
Choy, Angela Learning To Grow Senior Outreach Program Specialist
        e-mail: choyange@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 129462-4702
Chun-Park, Nicole Peer Tutor & Academic Skills Coordinator
        e-mail: chunpark@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 116235-7459
Ciotti, Joseph Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics Professor
        e-mail: ciotti@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 134236-9111
Ciurej, Kelly Photography Lecturer
        e-mail: kciurej@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 118236-9118
Cobb-Adams, Gus Recruitment Specialist
        e-mail: gusca@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 203235-7385
Cole, Vanessa Information and Computer Science Lecturer
        e-mail: vanessa@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 119236-9256
Collins, KC Director of Development for Community Colleges
        e-mail: kc.collins@uhfoundation.org
1-866-846-4262, 956-3717 (fax)
Colmenares, Leticia Chemistry Professor
        e-mail: leticia@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 116236-9120
Compton, Amy Animal Science Lecturer
        e-mail: comptona@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 127
Computing HelpLineInstitutional
        e-mail: wcc-help@lists.hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 113235-7314
Coral Disease LaboratoryInstitutional
Hale ʻImiloa 112B
Counseling/Academic AdvisingInstitutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 212235-7413
Cubero Del Barrio, Gemma Journalism Lecturer
        e-mail: cubero@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 121236-9227
Daniluck, N. Nani College Planning Advisor, Educational Talent Search
        e-mail: nnd@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 118235-7482
Decasa, Nilo Hospitality; Educational Assistant
        e-mail: ndecasa@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 144235-7356
DeLisle, Amanda Animal Science Lecturer
        e-mail: adelisle@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 127236-9241
Demitria De Leeuw, Gwen Upward Bound Program Assistant , IS Lecturer
        e-mail: demitria@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 133235-7420
Development OfficerInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 113235-7460
Doan, Robert AndrewTheatre Lecturer
        e-mail: radoan@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 246(808) 561-9690
Doi, Tom Counselor; Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
        e-mail: doit@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 202A235-7460
Donlin, David Mathematics Lecturer
        e-mail: donlind@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 110A236-9276
Duplicating ServicesInstitutional
Hale Laʻakea 235-7301
Durrant, Alexander Dance Lecturer
        e-mail: durranta@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 138236-9138
Dykstra, Doug Chancellor
        e-mail: dykstra@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 119A235-7402
Eschenberg, Ardis Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
        e-mail: ardise@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121D235-7443
Facilities Office
        e-mail: wccocet@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 102235-7377
Faria, Brian Hawaiian Language Lecturer
        e-mail: bfaria@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 105236-9249
Fiefia, Koren (Uyemura) Counselor, Early College
        e-mail: fiefiak@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 130462-4710
Financial Aid Office Institutional
        e-mail: wccfao@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 107235-7449
Fiscal AdministratorInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7412
French, Kathleen MSociology Professor
        e-mail: kfrench@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 110236-9223
Froning, Don History Lecturer
        e-mail: froning@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 152236-9152
Fry, David Media Specialist
        e-mail: davidfry@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 116C235-7304
Fryxell, Dale Human Development Lecturer (Online only)
        e-mail: fryxell@hawaii.edu
Fujimoto, Roy Political Science Professor
        e-mail: royf@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 146236-9146
Gallery IolaniInstitutional
Hale Pālanakila 236-9155
Gamayo, Freddie Operations and Maintenance: General Laborer
        e-mail: fgamayo@hawaii.edu
Operations and Maintenance 235-7444
Garrison, Woody Media
        e-mail: swg@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 116B235-7303
Garry, Robert Math Lecturer
        e-mail: rgarry@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 110A236-9276
Gebhard, Leisa Financial Aid Officer
        e-mail: gebhard@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 107235-7446
Geiling, Sam (Katherine)Animal Science Assistant Professor
        e-mail: scraddoc@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 128236-9107
Gilbert, Lucille-Michi Speech Lecturer
        e-mail: lucille.gilbert@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 121236-9227
Graffam, Norm Art Lecturer
        e-mail: normz@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 202236-9293
Gray, Sarah Instructor and Collection Management Librarian
        e-mail: skgray@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 206A235-7450
Grimes, Danielle Student Services Specialist
        e-mail: dgrimes@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 220235-7393
Guay, Christopher Chemistry Lecturer
        e-mail: cguay@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 136236-9125
Hadmack, Sarah Religion Associate Professor
        e-mail: minnis@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 140236-9140
Hale, Elizabeth Cashier
        e-mail: ehale@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7407
Hamasaki, Mark Art Professor and Humanities Chair
        e-mail: mhamasak@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 142236-9142
Hanson, Deacon Business and Accounting Assistant Professor
        e-mail: dhanson@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 132236-9237
Hashimoto, Laura Administrative Associate - TRiO, Educational Talent Search
        e-mail: laurahas@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 120235-7477
Hawaii Music Institute
        e-mail: HMI@hawaii.edu
Hayashi, Lisa Academic Support, Natural Science
        e-mail: hayashil@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 108A236-9108
Helfrich, Kathy HINET Student Support Specialist
        e-mail: kth@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 109235-7386
Herbic, Falisha Psychology Lecturer
        e-mail: falisha@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 124236-9211
Herzog, Joe Veterinary Technology Lecturer
        e-mail: jherzog2@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 125235-9294
Heskett, Travis Animal Science Lecturer
Higgins, Colette Dean of Division I
        e-mail: chiggins@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121B235-7339
HINET Office
        e-mail: hinet@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 106235-7320
Ho, Jaymie Learning to Grow Program Specialist
        e-mail: jaymieho@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 129462-4700
Ho, Jeffrey Speech Instructor
        e-mail: jbho@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 106236-9292
Hoe, Liko (Kelikokauaikekai)Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: kelikoka@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 204236-9124
Holowach, Tom Paliku Theater Manager
        e-mail: holowach@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 160B235-7330
864-2647 (cell)
Honjo, Lora Associate Peer Tutor, TRiO SSS
        e-mail: loraa@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 116235-7487
Hudson, Jacob Physics Instructor, Coordinator NASA Flight Training AEL and Imaginarium Technician
        e-mail: jacobh@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 130236-9116
Human Resources DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 120B235-7404
Humanities DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Pālanakila 138236-9138
Hunt, Jeff Director of Institutional Research
        e-mail: jwhunt@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 106C235-7442
Ikagawa, Toshihiko Geography Associate Professor
        e-mail: ikagawa@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 127236-9216
Imai, Geri Registrar
        e-mail: gerii@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 112B235-7432
Inouye, Roy Director, TRiO SSS
        e-mail: royinouy@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 106235-7453
Instructional Video StudioInstitutional
Hale Laʻakea 114236-9252
Isa, Dayna Financial Aid Officer
        e-mail: disa@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 107235-7471
Ishida, Kirk College Planning Advisor, TRiO, Educational Talent Search
        e-mail: kirki@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 123235-7479
Iwashita, Kehau Title III Administrative Coordinator
        e-mail: hki@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7465
Jackson, Jacob Art Lecturer
        e-mail: jacobjac@hawaii.edu
Jang, Mary CNA Instructor
        e-mail: maryjang@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 111235-7329
Jones, Melissa Ka‘ie‘ie/UH Mānoa Transfer Specialist
        e-mail: sauceda@hawaii.edu
Just in Time Institutional
        e-mail: parisky@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 242H235-7313
Ka 'Ohana (Student Paper)Institutional
        e-mail: kaohanaonline@gmail.com
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 240236-9185
Ka‘ōpua, Heipua Counselor
        e-mail: heipua@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 205235-7483
Kahikina, Elise Ululani Counselor, Early College (ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi)
        e-mail: eliseuk@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 130462-4713
Kama, Puanani Hānai a ulu Child Care Center, Director
        e-mail: puananir@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 117398-5350
Kapi'olani CC Practical Nursing ProgramInstitutional
Hale Kuhina 113235-7364
Kashiwaeda, Stephanie Administrative Officer
        e-mail: skash@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7417
Kato, Michael IInformation and Computer Science Instructor
        e-mail: katomich@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 144236-9296
Kaun, Nalani QuinnInformation Specialist, Office of Planning, Research and Assessment
        e-mail: nquinn@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 106A235-7311
Kellogg, Krissie Educational and Academic Support
        e-mail: krissiekellogg@yahoo.com
Hale ʻImiloa 135235-7321
Kelly, Jenny Animal Science Assistant Professor and Veterinary Technician Program Director
        e-mail: jennyrk@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 129236-9166
Kerns, Halie LA-IV Library Assistant
        e-mail: haliek@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 235-7469
Kershaw, Mariko Associate Professor and Technical Services Librarian
        e-mail: kershaw@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 317C235-7439
Kessler, Marvin Astronomy Lecturer
        e-mail: mkessler@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 136236-9125
Kimokeo, Kamuela Music Instructor and Director of the Hawaii Music Institute
        e-mail: kamuelam@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 130236-9131
Kimura, So Jin Music Lecturer
        e-mail: sojin.kimura@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 109236-9145
Kinoshita, Taurie Theatre Lecturer
        e-mail: taurie@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 138236-9138
Kissel, Stacie Animal Science Lecturer
        e-mail: kupahu@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 127236-9241
Klinger-Bowen, RuthEllen Aquaculture Lecturer
        e-mail: rckb@hawaii.edu
Knuuti, Keith History Lecturer
        e-mail: knuuti@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 152236-9152
Koo, Ryan History Instructor
        e-mail: rkoo@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 134236-9134
Krupp, Dave Biological and Marine Sciences Professor and Natural Sciences Chair
        e-mail: krupp@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 121A236-9121
Kuloloia, Kalani (Mitchell)Title III Curriculum and Assessment Specialist, Hawaiian Language Lecturer
        e-mail: mkuloloi@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 132236-9295
Langston, Ross Biology Associate Professor
        e-mail: langston@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 104236-9119
Language Arts DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Pālanakila 119236-9235
Lau Kong, Malia History Associate Professor
        e-mail: maliakon@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 136236-9132
Lawes, Christy Access Services Manager
        e-mail: clawes@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 203235-7441
Learning to GrowInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 101462-4700
Lee, Kaleiohu Creative Media Lecturer
        e-mail: kaleiohu@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 121236-9227
Lemke and Simon, Ann Counselor; Disability Services; Early Admit/Running Start
        e-mail: lemke@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 213235-7448
Lewton, Jordan Counselor; Evening and Online Coordinator
        e-mail: jlewton@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 232235-7325
Li, Andy Facilities Manager
        e-mail: zhili@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 125A235-7369
Li, Hongwei Microbiology Instructor
        e-mail: hli@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 107236-9104
Hale Laʻakea 235-7436
Logue, Nicolas Theatre Assistant Professor
        e-mail: logue@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 138236-9138
Lono, Shannon Account Clerk
        e-mail: slono@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7410
Loo, Ronald Music and Philosophy Professor, Emeritus, and Music Lecturer
        e-mail: rloo@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 152236-9152
Lost and FoundInstitutional
Lubin, Jan Director of Planning and Program Evaluation
        e-mail: lubin@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 106A235-7456
Lum, Theresa Janitor Supervisor
        e-mail: tmlum@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
MacQuoid, Sharon Service-Learning Coordinator
        e-mail: macquoid@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 105236-9225
Mail Room Institutional
Hale Alakaʻi 127
Makepa-Foley, Emmalani Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: emf@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 105236-9249
Malufau, Sophia Janitor
        e-mail: ms47@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Maly, Jacquie Science Professor Emerita
        e-mail: maly@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118236-9117
Mandelstam, Joshua Philosophy Lecturer
        e-mail: mandelst@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 152236-9152
Marine Option Program (MOP) OfficeInstitutional
Hale ʻImiloa 121
Martin, Gregory Hawaii Ocean Education Academy; Curriculum Developer/Instructor
        e-mail: gsmartin@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 110235-7392
Martin, Toni (Antoinette)Art Professor and Iolani Gallery Coordinator
        e-mail: toni-martin@hawaii.rr.com
Hale Pālanakila 150236-9150
Masatsugu, Cyndy Counselor; MySuccess Coordinator
        e-mail: cyndymas@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 210235-7458
Masterson, Ian Hawaii Ocean Education Academy; Coordinator/Instructor and Anthropology Lecturer
        e-mail: imasters@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 113235-7331
Math LabInstitutional
Hale Manaʻopono 113
Mathematics and Business DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Manaʻopono 112A236-9279
Matsumoto, Michelle HR Specialist
        e-mail: mym397@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7397
Mattos Harrell, Erin Secretary to the Dean for Academic Affairs, Division I
        e-mail: mattose@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7445
Maxson, David Information and Computer Science Lecturer (online only)
        e-mail: dmaxson@hawaii.edu
McCoy, Floyd Geology, Geophysics, and Oceanography Professor
        e-mail: fmccoy@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 115236-9115
McIntosh, Michael Web/Multimedia Specialist
        e-mail: michael.mcintosh@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 242J235-7308
Media CenterInstitutional
Hale Laʻakea 235-7301
Meinecke, Kalani (Fred)Hawaiian Assistant Professor
        e-mail: fmeineck@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 203236-9123
Mero, Genny Library Technician
        e-mail: genny@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 317B235-7438
Michael, Teena Botany/Microbiology Lecturer
        e-mail: teena@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118236-9117
Miranda, C. Kuʻulei Counselor, Native Hawaiian Services
        e-mail: daniluck@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 206235-7474
Miyamoto, Renee College Planning Advisor, Educational Talent Search
        e-mail: reneemmi@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 122235-7335
Molyneux, Robert Art Lecturer
        e-mail: rmolyneu@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻIolani 101none
Moore, Kalawaia (Peter)Hawaiian Studies Associate Professor
        e-mail: peterm@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 201235-7388
Morimatsu, Kevin Evaluation and Curriculum Specialist
        e-mail: kevinkm@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121A235-7495
Moroney, Sean Astronomy Lecturer
        e-mail: moroney@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118236-9117
Moser, Michael Director of Career and Community Education
        e-mail: tmoser@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 103A235-7361
Mow-Taira, Wendy TRiO, Educational Talent Search Director
        e-mail: mowtaira@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 124235-7478
Murakami, Ashley Janitor
        e-mail: ashleyym@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Myers, Bryce Art Instructor
        e-mail: brycenm@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 148236-9148
Nakagawa, Pearl Institutional Support - Continuing Education
        e-mail: pearlnak@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 102235-7491
Nakagawa, Sharon Fiscal Administrator
        e-mail: ssnakaga@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7412
Nash, Paul Ceramics Professor
        e-mail: pnash@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 216235-7323
Natural Science DepartmentInstitutional
Hale ʻImiloa 102236-9121
Nemoto, Mary Ann Learning To Grow Project Administrator
        e-mail: mnemoto@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 132462-4701
Nesbitt, Thomas Building Maintenance Worker
        e-mail: tnesbitt@hawaii.edu
Niibu, Dorene Secretary to the Chancellor
        e-mail: dniibu@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 119235-7402
247-5362 (fax)
Nishioka, Kacie Facilities Specialist
        e-mail: kacien@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 102235-7377
O’Connor, Dineene Imaginarium Manager
        e-mail: dineene@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 135A235-7350
Office of Academic AffairsInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7422
Office of Administrative ServicesInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7405
Office of Continuing and Community Education (OCCE)Institutional
Hale Kuhina 102235-7433
Office of the Chancellor Institutional
Hale Alakaʻi 119235-7402
Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Institutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 202A235-7466
Okimi, Carol Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
        e-mail: cokimi@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7463
Okumura, Jean Mathematics Professor and Math/Business Chair
        e-mail: jokumura@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 112A236-9282
Omoto, Gail Learning to Grow Program Specialist
        e-mail: omotog@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 129462-4700
Onuma, Megan Biology Lecturer
        e-mail: monuma@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 118
Operations and MaintenanceInstitutional
Operator (main switchboard)Institutional
Hale Alakaʻi 235-7400
Oshiro, John ICS Instructor
        e-mail: oshiroje@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 131236-9290
Ostrowski, Robert Janitor
        e-mail: ro9@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Pactol, Brian Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
        e-mail: pactol@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7403
Pae, Samuel Ocean Safety Instructor and Curriculum Development
        e-mail: ola96792@aol.com
Hale Kuhina 109235-7331
Pagan, Justin Ha‘aheoCounselor; Pu‘uhonua Project Director
        e-mail: paganj@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 130235-7341
Palacat, Frank (Francis)Psychology Professor and Social Sciences Chair
        e-mail: palacatf@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 123236-9209
Paliku TheatreInstitutional
Hale Pālanakila 235-7330
Palmer, Christian Anthropology Instructor
        e-mail: ctpalmer@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 111236-9239
Pang, Christine Secretary to the Dean for Academic Affairs, Division II
        e-mail: cmlpang@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7421
Parisky, Alex Title III STEM Developer and Geology Lecturer
        e-mail: parisky@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 115235-7313
Parmley, Aarathi College Planning Advisor, TRiO, Educational Talent Search
        e-mail: aarathi@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 121235-7309
Payne, Zachary Spanish Lecturer
        e-mail: zacharyp@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 121236-9227
Peer MentorsInstitutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 232235-7454
Poh, Dawn Health Programs Manager
        e-mail: dawnpoh@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 109235-7328
Poteet, Desi (Desiree)English Instructor
        e-mail: poteetd@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 237236-9188
Priesman, Annette English Instructor and Writing Center Coordinator
        e-mail: priesman@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 110236-9291
Radio, Matthew Math Lecturer
        e-mail: mradio@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 110A236-9276
Rain BirdStudent Literary Publication
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 236236-9236
Ratliff, Elizabeth Associate Professor and Media Specialist
        e-mail: elizabeth.ratliff@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 242235-7302
Reference Desk at the LibraryInstitutional
Hale Laʻakea 235-7338
Hale Alakaʻi 112B235-7432
Rita, Denice Office Assistant, Financial Aid
        e-mail: dsrita@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 107235-7449
Rogers, Carla Counselor, Student Parent Services
        e-mail: crogers@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 204235-7387
Rost-Banik, Margaret Sociology Lecturer
        e-mail: mcrb@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 106236-9242
Sai, Keanu (David)Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: anu@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 104236-9295
Sala, Aaron Title III ‘olelo Curriculum Coordinator
        e-mail: asala@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 202236-9248
Sala, Makanani (Carly) Hawaiian Studies Instructor
        e-mail: csing@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 202236-9248
Salvador, Aileen Office Assistant, Student Services
        e-mail: aileensa@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 212235-7427
Samura, Jerriann Bookstore Manager
        e-mail: jerriann@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 160235-7418
Sanborn, Tuti (Evaline)Hawaiian Language Lecturer
        e-mail: evaline@hawaii.edu
Hale Aʻo 117236-9246
Santiago, Tatiana Counselor, Early College
        e-mail: tksantia@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 130462-4709
Sasaki, Charles Dean of Division II
        e-mail: sasakich@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121C235-7416
Sato, Stacie Personnel Officer
        e-mail: sasato@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7426
Hale Alakaʻi 113235-7355
        e-mail: wccserve@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 103236-9230
Severns, Tara Professor and Public Services Librarian
        e-mail: severns@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 206C235-7440
Shapiro, Kawai Office Assistant
        e-mail: kawaialo@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7408
Shibata, Amelia Institutional Support
        e-mail: amelias@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7409
Shibuya, Noriko Janitor
        e-mail: norikoshi@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Shinsato, David Chemistry Lecturer
Silva, Jeremy Peer Tutor Program Associate
        e-mail: silva911@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 116235-7487
Silva-Park, Karla Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Mental Health & Wellness
        e-mail: karlas@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 101235-7468
Simao, Jamie Janitor
        e-mail: simao@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Singh, Navtej (Johnny)Mathematics Associate Professor
        e-mail: navtej@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 110236-9278
Slagel, Kimlynne Mathematics Lecturer
        e-mail: kimlynne@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 110A236-9281
Smith, Michelle Biology Lecturer
        e-mail: miliefsk@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 136236-9125
Social Sciences DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Naʻauao 109236-9209
Soileau, Jesse Academic Support (Testing Center)
        e-mail: jsoileau@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 228235-7498
Souza, Jordan Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
        e-mail: jordanso@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻIolani 115none
Speech LabInstitutional
        e-mail: amendoza@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 220B
Srsen, Pavica Oceanography Instructor
        e-mail: pavica@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 119236-9257
St. John, Susan English Instructor
        e-mail: susankcl@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 109236-9226
Stillwell, Nyan Academic Support, Natural Science
        e-mail: nyan@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 108A236-9108
Storm, Jody-Lynn Mathematics Assistant Professor
        e-mail: jstorm@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 105236-9277
Stroble, James Philosophy Lecturer
        e-mail: stroble@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 152236-9152
Student Activity Center (SAC)Institutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 232235-7395
Student EmploymentInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7426
Sue, Laura ICS Instructor
        e-mail: laurasue@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 119A236-9253
Sugai-Inovejas, Gaven Media Technical Support Specialist
        e-mail: gavensi@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 116235-7304
Sur, Kayleen Upward Bound, Guidance Advisor
        e-mail: ksur@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 133235-7486
Sur, Sarah Gilman Head Librarian
        e-mail: sgilman@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 207235-7435
Sutherland, Scott Ho'onui 'Ike (Peer Coaching) Coordinator - Title III
        e-mail: scottjks@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 230235-7467
Swan, Akiko Japanese Language Lecturer
        e-mail: aswan@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 114236-9233
Hale Alakaʻi 235-7400
Takahashi, Jonathan Office Assistant, Admissions and Records
        e-mail: jt2@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 112235-7432
Takamiyashiro, Jo Ann IT Specialist
        e-mail: joannht@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 113G235-7337
Takayama, Kevin Mathematics Instructor
        e-mail: ktakayam@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaʻopono 105236-9283
Takebayashi, Nicholas Chemistry Lecturer
        e-mail: ntakebay@hawaii.edu
Tani, Kahea Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
        e-mail: tanik@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 120235-7405
Tanigawa, A. U'ilani Project Coordinator, Halau Ola Honua
        e-mail: anelatan@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 107462-4711
Tano, Chris Operations and Maintenance: General Laborer
        e-mail: chrisq@hawaii.edu
Operations and Maintenance 235-7444
Teruya, Derrick Janitor
        e-mail: dteruya@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 110235-7406
Testing CenterInstitutional
        e-mail: wccdet@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 228235-7498
The HubInstitutional
        e-mail: island_brew@hotmail.com
Hale Laʻakea 235-7359
Tilton, Ashley-Michelle Student Employee Coordinator - Title III, SI Coordinator
        e-mail: amtilton@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 234235-7383
Title IIIInstitutional
        e-mail: hki@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7465
Tokuda, Bryan Information Technology Specialist
        e-mail: btokuda@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 113F235-7307
Tom, Ann Learning To Grow Project Coordinator Quality Care
        e-mail: tomann@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 129462-4703
Tom, Michael Professor and Computing Services Coordinator
        e-mail: mtom@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 113D
Tomasa, Alysa TRiO Upward Bound, Director
        e-mail: alysai@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 134235-7488
TRiO - Educational Talent SearchInstitutional
Hale Alakaʻi 124235-7480
TRiO - Student Support Servicesformerly the STAAR Program
Hale Kakoʻo 116235-7487
TRiO - Upward BoundInstitutional
        e-mail: ubwcc@hawaii.edu
Hale Naʻauao 103235-7488
Tsuda, Matthew Animal Science Lecturer
        e-mail: mttsuda@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 125236-9294
Uala Leaf Cafe
Hale ʻĀkoakoa Cafeteria235-7358
Ubando, Josiah University Security Officer
        e-mail: josiahu@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 113235-7355
Uyeda, Lance English Associate Professor and Curriculum Committee Chair
        e-mail: lkuyeda@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 103236-9229
Uyetake, Jane Coordinator - OCCE
        e-mail: juyetake@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 105235-7363
Vice Chancellor for Administrative ServicesInstitutional
        e-mail: kevini@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 114235-7403
Vice Chancellor of Student AffairsInstitutional
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 202A235-7466
Vila, Leighton Title III (Native Hawaiian Programs and Services) Evaluator
        e-mail: vila@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 130462-4708
Walker, Gregory ICS Lecturer (online only)
        e-mail: gmwalker@hawaii.edu
Watanabe, Colleen Office Assistant, Academic Affairs
        e-mail: colleenw@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 121235-7424
Webster, Jenny English Assistant Professor
        e-mail: jennyrw@hawaii.edu
Hale Manaleo 104236-9235
Westover, Jill Circulation Manager and Library Technician
        e-mail: westover@hawaii.edu
Hale Laʻakea 202235-7437
White, Ingelia Botany and Microbiology Professor
        e-mail: ingelia@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 102236-9102
Windward Community College (FAX)Institutional
Hale Alakaʻi 120247-5362
Won, Andrew Math Instructor
        e-mail: won618@hawaii.edu
Hale Kakoʻo 107236-9280
Writing CenterInstitutional
Hale Laʻakea 222235-7473
Wu, Ivan IT Specialist
        e-mail: ivanw@hawaii.edu
Hale Alakaʻi 106A235-7490
Yamada, Carolyn Marketing
        e-mail: cyamada8@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 109235-7367
Yamamoto, Wendy Secretary to the Director of Career and Community Education
        e-mail: wky@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 103235-7362
Yokogawa, Carl Groundskeeper, Operations and Maintenance
        e-mail: carlyoko@hawaii.edu
Operations and Maintenance 235-7444
Young, Dal Cashier, Clerk
        e-mail: dhalia@hawaii.edu
Hale Kuhina 102235-7433
Young, Leonard Aquaculture Lecturer
        e-mail: lyoung@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻImiloa 119236-9257
Zane, Kathleen Counselor
        e-mail: zanek@hawaii.edu
Hale ʻĀkoakoa 212A235-7447
Zwick, William Art Lecturer
        e-mail: zwickwil@hawaii.edu
Hale Pālanakila 202236-9293