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New Course


You must log in to create a new course proposal.


  1. login using your UH username - you must be on the WCC faculty list to create a course.
  2. verify that your course does not already exist in the WCC course database
  3. verify that your course alpha is either the same as an existing course elsewhere in the system or has not been used in the system.
  4. enter the course alpha and number and click the "Submit" button
  5. if successful, you can then fill out the remainder of the course information

How to Determine Course Alpha and Number

For a new course, your choice of course Alpha and Number will be limited for three general reasons.

First, a course with equivalent content is offered somewhere else in the UH system. Consulting campus catalogs is a good place to start. If another campus already has a course that has an equivalent content, then use that course Alpha and Number in your proposal.

Second, the course Alpha and Number combination is already used in the UH System. Different courses should not have the same numbers.

UH Community College Master Course List

University of Hawaii Master Course List (Active courses in the UH system, organized by term)