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Curriculum Course List


The curriculum course list is the primary data source for courses at Windward CC. This information is transferred to Banner, to the college catalog, and to pages on the Windward CC website.

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  1. Log in using your UH username - you must be on the WCC faculty list to propose a change.
  2. Find the course in the list below and click on the "Details" link
  3. On the Details page for that course, click on the appropriate "new Proposal" link - you can propose to modify, renumber, deactivate, or reactivate a course.
  4. Add whatever justification and, in the case of a proposal to modify, change whatever you want and save it
  5. You can edit the proposal as often and for as long as you want to. You will need to log in each time to gain access to the fields.
  6. When the proposal is ready, click on the "submit it to the official curriculum process" link on the Course Modification page, which will begin the formal process. At that point, the Curriculum Coordinator will place the proposal on the Discussion Board.

To create a completely new course, go to the Propose a New Course page.


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Course Alpha and NumberTitleRequest TypeCourse Page
ACC 24B [form]Princ ACC I Pt 1Modify (draft)course page
 Princ ACC I Pt 1Inactive 
ACC 24C [form]Princ ACC I Pt 2Inactivecourse page
ACC 25 [form]Princ ACC IIInactivecourse page
ACC 26 [form]Princ ACC IIIInactivecourse page
ACC 32 [form]Pay / Gen Exc AccInactivecourse page
ACC 34B [form]Income Tax prepInactivecourse page
ACC 34C [form]Inc Tx Pr Sm BusInactivecourse page
ACC 50 [form]Comp in AccInactivecourse page
ACC 55 [form]Acc Appl MicroInactivecourse page
ACC 93V [form]Coop EdInactivecourse page
ACC 155 [form]Acc Appl MicroInactivecourse page
ACC 201 [form]Introduction to Financial AccountingActivecourse page
 Introduction to Financial AccountingArchived 
ACC 201L [form]Introduction to Financial Accounting LaboratoryInactivecourse page
ACC 202 [form]Introduction to Managerial AccountingActivecourse page
 Introduction to Managerial AccountingArchived 
ACC 202L [form]Introduction to Managerial Accounting LaboratoryInactivecourse page
ACC 252 [form]Using QuickBooks in AccountingNew 
ACC 255 [form]Using Excel in AccountingNew 
AERO 150 [form]Introduction to RocketryActivecourse page
AG 36 [form]Pesticide SafetyDeactivate (draft)course page
AG 20 [form]Plant ScienceActivecourse page
AG 36 [form]Pesticide SafetyActivecourse page
AG 40 [form]Turfgrass EquipmentActivecourse page
AG 44 [form]Landscape EquipmentActivecourse page
AG 45 [form]Irrigation Principles and DesignInactivecourse page
AG 49 [form]Plant PropagationActivecourse page
AG 52 [form]Orchid CultureActivecourse page
AG 80 [form]Landscape MaintenanceActivecourse page
AG 82 [form]Turfgrass ManagementActivecourse page
AG 92V [form]Special TopicsActivecourse page
AG 93V [form]Cooperative EducationActivecourse page
AG 100 [form]Agriculture Orientation: CareersActivecourse page
AG 120 [form]Tropical Crop ScienceModify (draft)course page
 Plant ScienceActive 
AG 132 [form]Integrated Pest ManagementActivecourse page
AG 149 [form]Plant PropagationActivecourse page
AG 152 [form]Orchid CultureActivecourse page
 Orchid CultureArchived 
AG 155 [form]Subtropical ArboricultureActivecourse page
AG 156 [form]Tree Risk AssessmentActivecourse page
AG 158 [form]Tree Pruning and Felling EquipmentActivecourse page
AG 159 [form]Tree ClimbingActivecourse page
AG 170 [form]Introduction to AquaponicsActivecourse page
AG 171 [form]Farm Renewable Energy SystemsActivecourse page
AG 180 [form]Landscape MaintenanceActivecourse page
AG 182 [form]Turfgrass ManagementActivecourse page
AG 192V [form]Special Topics in AgricultureActivecourse page
AG 235 [form]Irrigation Principles and DesignActivecourse page
ANSC 152L [form]Companion Animal NursingDeactivatedcourse page
ANSC 140 [form]Introduction to Veterinary TechnologyActivecourse page
 Introduction to Veterinary TechnologyArchived 
 Introduction to Veterinary TechnologyArchived 
 Introduction to Veterinary TechnologyArchived 
ANSC 141 [form]Introduction to Veterinary Technologyarchivedcourse page
ANSC 142 [form]Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic AnimalsModify (draft)course page
 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic AnimalsActive 
 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic AnimalsArchived 
 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic AnimalsArchived 
ANSC 142L [form]Anatomy of Domestic Animals LaboratoryActivecourse page
 Anatomy of Domestic Animals LaboratoryArchived 
 Anatomy of Domestic Animals LaboratoryArchived 
ANSC 151 [form]Clinical Laboratory TechniquesActivecourse page
 Clinical Laboratory TechniquesArchived 
 Clinical Laboratory TechniquesArchived 
ANSC 151L [form]Clinical Laboratory Techniques LabActivecourse page
ANSC 152 [form]Companion Animal DiseasesActivecourse page
 Companion Animal Diseases and NutritionArchived 
 Companion Animal Diseases and NutritionArchived 
ANSC 152L [form]Companion Animal NursingActivecourse page
ANSC 153 [form]Companion Animal Nursing and NutritionActivecourse page
ANSC 153L [form]Companion Animal Nursing LabActivecourse page
ANSC 190 [form]Veterinary Clinical Practices and Internship IActivecourse page
 Veterinary Clinical Practices and Internship IArchived 
 Veterinary Clinical Practices and Internship IArchived 
 Veterinary Clinical Practices and Internship IArchived 
 Veterinary Assisting InternshipArchived 
ANSC 191 [form]Veterinary Office and Computer SkillsActivecourse page
 Veterinary Office and Computer SkillsArchived 
ANSC 251 [form]Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Techniciansinactivecourse page
 Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Techniciansarchived 
ANSC 252 [form]Diagnostic Imaging for Veterinary TechniciansActivecourse page
 Diagnostic Imaging for Veterinary TechniciansArchived 
ANSC 252L [form]Diagnostic Imaging for Veterinary Technicians LabActivecourse page
ANSC 253 [form]Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary TechniciansActivecourse page
ANSC 258 [form]Clinical Laboratory Techniques IIActivecourse page
 Clinical Laboratory Techniques IIArchived 
 Clinical Laboratory Techniques IIArchived 
ANSC 258L [form]Clinical Laboratory Techniques II LabActivecourse page
 Clinical Laboratory Techniques II LabArchived 
ANSC 261 [form]Anesthesiology and Dentistry for Veterinary TechniciansModify (draft)course page
 Anesthesiology and Dentistry for Veterinary TechniciansActive 
 Anesthesiology & Surgical Nursing for Veterinary TechniciansArchived 
ANSC 261L [form]Anesthesiology and Veterinary Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians LabModify (draft)course page
 Anesthesiology and Veterinary Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians LabActive 
ANSC 262 [form]Clinical Procedures for Large AnimalsActivecourse page
 Clinical Procedures for Large AnimalsArchived 
 Clinical Procedures for Large AnimalsArchived 
ANSC 262L [form]Clinical Procedures for Large Animals LabActivecourse page
 Clinical Procedures for Large Animals LabArchived 
ANSC 263 [form]Exotic and Laboratory Animal ProceduresActivecourse page
 Exotic and Laboratory Animal ProceduresArchived 
 Laboratory Animal ProceduresArchived 
 Laboratory Animal ProceduresArchived 
ANSC 263L [form]Exotic and Laboratory Animal Procedures LabActivecourse page
ANSC 266 [form]Veterinary Clinical Practices & Internship IIActivecourse page
 Veterinary Clinical Practices & Internship IIArchived 
 Veterinary Clinical Practices & Internship IIArchived 
ANSC 271 [form]Anesthesiology and Surgical Nursing for Veterinary TechniciansActivecourse page
ANSC 271L [form]Anesthesiology and Surgical Nursing for Veterinary Technicians LabActivecourse page
ANSC 290 [form]Veterinary Technician Exam ReviewActivecourse page
ANTH 200 [form]Cultural AnthropologyDeactivatedcourse page
ANTH 150 [form]Human AdaptationDeactivatedcourse page
 Human AdaptationArchived 
ANTH 151 [form]Emerging HumanityActivecourse page
 Emerging HumanityArchived 
ANTH 152 [form]Culture and HumanityActivecourse page
ANTH 175 [form]Polynesian Surf CultureActivecourse page
 Polynesian Surf CultureArchived 
ANTH 175L [form]Surf Culture Field LabActivecourse page
 Surf Culture Field LabArchived 
ANTH 200 [form]Cultural AnthropologyArchivedcourse page
ANTH 210 [form]ArchaeologyActivecourse page
ANTH 296 [form]Special Topics in AnthropologyActivecourse page
AQUA 106 [form]Small Scale AquacultureActivecourse page
AQUA 106L [form]Small Scale Aquaculture LaboratoryActivecourse page
AQUA 201 [form]The Hawai‘i FishpondActivecourse page
AQUA 201L [form]The Hawai‘i Fishpond LabActivecourse page
ART 280 [form]Introduction to Eastern ArtInactivecourse page
ART 270 [form]Introduction to Western ArtDeactivatedcourse page
ART 101 [form]Introduction to the Visual ArtsModify (draft)course page
 Introduction to the Visual ArtsActive 
ART 104D [form]Introduction to Printmaking/Screen PrintingActivecourse page
ART 105B [form]Introduction to Ceramics-HandbuildingActivecourse page
 Ceramics Studio Handbuilding IArchived 
ART 105C [form]Introduction to Ceramics-WheelthrowingActivecourse page
 Ceramics Studio Wheelthrowing IArchived 
ART 106 [form]Intro to SculptureInactivecourse page
ART 107 [form]Introduction to PhotographyActivecourse page
ART 108 [form]Elementary Studio: Drawing and PaintingActivecourse page
ART 109 [form]Elem Stu D/P Eas.Inactivecourse page
ART 111 [form]Introduction to Watercolor PaintingActivecourse page
ART 113 [form]Introduction to DrawingActivecourse page
ART 114 [form]Introduction to ColorActivecourse page
ART 115 [form]Introduction to 2D DesignActivecourse page
ART 116 [form]Introduction to Three-Dimensional CompositionActivecourse page
ART 123 [form]Introduction to Oil PaintingModify (draft)course page
 Introduction to Oil PaintingActive 
ART 126 [form]3D Computer Graphics INew (draft) 
ART 175 [form]Survey of Global ArtActivecourse page
ART 176 [form]Survey of Global Art IIActivecourse page
ART 189 [form]Introduction to Hawaiian ArtActivecourse page
 Ka Unu Pa‘a — Introduction to Hawaiian Art and DesignActive 
art 200 [form]New (draft) 
Art 202 [form]Introduction to Digital ImagingActivecourse page
ART 207 [form]Intermediate Photography: Techniques and Aesthetics of PhotographyActivecourse page
ART 208 [form]Intermediate Photography: Color StudioActivecourse page
ART 213 [form]Intermediate DrawingActivecourse page
ART 214 [form]Introduction to Life DrawingActivecourse page
ART 220 [form]The Windward Atelier (Intensive Study in Drawing and Painting)Activecourse page
 The Windward Atelier (Intensive Study in Drawing and Painting)Archived 
ART 223 [form]Intermediate PaintingActivecourse page
 Intermediate PaintingArchive 
ART 224 [form]Painting from LifeModify (draft)course page
 Painting from LifeActive 
ART 243 [form]Intermediate Ceramics-HandbuildingActivecourse page
 Ceramics Studio Handbuilding IIArchived 
ART 244 [form]Intermediate Ceramics-WheelthrowingActivecourse page
 Ceramics Studio Wheelthrowing IIArchived 
ART 251 [form]Mold Making for Ceramics and SculptureActivecourse page
ART 253 [form]Sculpture - Figure ModelingActivecourse page
 Figure ModelingArchived 
ART 260 [form]Gallery Design and ManagementActivecourse page
ART 269C [form]Study Abroad: Japanese Cultural Tour —Ceramic Pottery and KilnsActivecourse page
ART 269V [form]Study Abroad (Designated Region, Variable Credit)Activecourse page
ART 270 [form]Introduction to Western ArtInactivecourse page
ART 280 [form]Introduction to Eastern ArtArchivedcourse page
ART 296 [form]Special Topics in Studio ArtNew (draft) 
AS 101 [form]Foundations of US Air ForceInactivecourse page
AS 201 [form]Foundations of USAF Air & Space PowerInactivecourse page
ASTR 110 [form]Introduction to AstronomyActivecourse page
ASTR 110L [form]Introduction to Astronomy LaboratoryActivecourse page
ASTR 130 [form]Introduction to ArchaeoastronomyActivecourse page
ASTR 150 [form]New (draft) 
ASTR 180 [form]Planetary AstronomyActivecourse page
ASTR 181 [form]Stellar AstronomyActivecourse page
ASTR 250 [form]Observational AstronomyActivecourse page
ASTR 250L [form]Observational Astronomy LabActivecourse page
ASTR 281 [form]Space ExplorationsActivecourse page
ASTR 294V [form]Special Topics in AstronomyActivecourse page
ATMO 101 [form]Introduction to Weather and ClimateActivecourse page
BIOC 141 [form]Fundamentals of BiochemistryActivecourse page
BIOL 100 [form]Human BiologyActivecourse page
 Human BiologyArchived 
 Human BiologyArchived 
BIOL 100L [form]Human Biology LaboratoryActivecourse page
BIOL 101 [form]Biology and SocietyActivecourse page
BIOL 124 [form]Environment & EcologyActivecourse page
BIOL 124L [form]Environment & Ecology LaboratoryActivecourse page
BIOL 171 [form]Introduction to Biology I Activecourse page
 General Biology I Archived 
BIOL 171B [form]Gen Biol Lab IInactivecourse page
BIOL 171L [form]General Biology Lab IActivecourse page
BIOL 172 [form]Introduction to Biology IIActivecourse page
 General Biology IIArchived 
BIOL 172L [form]General Biology Lab IIActivecourse page
BIOL 200 [form]Coral ReefsActivecourse page
BIOL 200L [form]Coral Reef Laboratory and Field StudiesActivecourse page
BIOL 265 [form]Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyActivecourse page
BIOL 265L [form]Ecology and Evolutionary Biology LabActivecourse page
BIOL 275 [form]Cell and Molecular BiologyActivecourse page
BIOL 275L [form]Cell and Molecular Biology Lab Modifycourse page
 Cell and Molecular Biology Lab Active 
BLAW 200 [form]BLAW 200 Legal Environment of BusinessActivecourse page
BOT 101 [form]General BotanyActivecourse page
 General BotanyArchived 
BOT 101L [form]General Botany LabActivecourse page
BOT 105 [form]EthnobotanyActivecourse page
BOT 130 [form]Plants in the Hawaiian EnvironmentActivecourse page
 Plants in the Hawaiian EnvironmentArchived 
BOT 130L [form]Plants in the Hawaiian Environment LabActivecourse page
BOT 160 [form]Identification of Tropical PlantsActivecourse page
 Identification of Tropical Plantsarchived 
BOT 205 [form]Ethnobotanical PharmacognosyActivecourse page
 Ethnobotanical Pharmacognosyarchived 
BOT 210 [form]PhytobiotechnologyActivecourse page
BUS 120 [form]Principles of BusinessActivecourse page
 Principles of BusinessArchived 
BUS 122 [form]Introduction to EntrepreneurshipActivecourse page
BUS 122B [form]Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Sustainable AgricultureActivecourse page
BUS 122C [form]Introduction to Entrepreneurship: ArtNew (Draft) 
BUSN 166 [form]Professional Employment PreparationInactivecourse page
BUSN 188 [form]Business CalculationsInactivecourse page
BUSN 160 [form]Telephone Techniques and CommunicationInactivecourse page
BUSN 20B [form]Basic Keyboarding, Part 1 Inactivecourse page
BUSN 89 [form]Electronic CalculatingInactivecourse page
BUSN 121 [form]Introduction to Word ProcessingActivecourse page
 Introduction to Word ProcessingArchived 
BUSN 123 [form]Word Processing for BusinessInactivecourse page
BUSN 160 [form]Telephone Techniques and CommunicationArchivedcourse page
BUSN 164 [form]Career SuccessActivecourse page
BUSN 166 [form]Professional Employment PreparationArchivedcourse page
BUSN 188 [form]Business CalculationsArchivedcourse page
BUSN 191 [form]Veterinary Office and Computer SkillsArchivedcourse page
BUSN 193V [form]Cooperative EducationActivecourse page
CE 270 [form]Applied Mechanics IActivecourse page
CHEM 100 [form]Chemistry and SocietyActivecourse page
 Chemistry in SocietyArchived 
CHEM 100L [form]Chemistry and Society LaboratoryActivecourse page
 Chemistry in Society LaboratoryArchived 
CHEM 151 [form]Elementary Survey of ChemistryActivecourse page
 Elementary Survey of ChemistryArchived 
CHEM 151L [form]Elementary Survey of Chemistry Laboratory Activecourse page
CHEM 152 [form]Survey of Organic and Bioorganic ChemistryActivecourse page
CHEM 152L [form]Survey of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry LaboratoryActivecourse page
CHEM 161 [form]General Chemistry I Activecourse page
CHEM 161L [form]General Chemistry Laboratory I Activecourse page
CHEM 162 [form]General Chemistry IIActivecourse page
CHEM 162L [form]General Chemistry Laboratory IIActivecourse page
CHEM 272 [form]Organic Chemistry IActivecourse page
CHEM 272L [form]Organic Chemistry Laboratory IActivecourse page
CHEM 273 [form]Organic Chemistry IIActivecourse page
CHEM 273L [form]Organic Chemistry II LabActivecourse page
CHW 101 [form]Community Health Worker FundamentalsActivecourse page
CHW 140 [form]Introduction to Counseling & InterviewingActivecourse page
CM 120 [form]Introduction to Digital Video JournalismActivecourse page
CM 126 [form]3D Computer Graphics INew (draft) 
CM 141 [form]Introduction to Applied 3D Media New 
CM 142 [form]Introduction to Video Game DesignActivecourse page
 Introduction to Video Game DesignArchived 
CM 150 [form]Film Analysis and Storytelling New (draft) 
CM 197 [form]Video Game Design IIActivecourse page
CM 204C [form]Introduction to Creative Writing (Screenwriting)New 
CM 220 [form]Intermediate Digital Video JournalismActivecourse page
CM 240 [form]Introduction to Digital Music ProductionNew 
CM 242 [form]Video Game Design IIActivecourse page
CM 255 [form]Introduction to Cinema and Digital Media Activecourse page
CM 280 [form]Book Production: Pueo Literary and Art JournalActivecourse page
CM 286 [form]Multimedia News ProductionActivecourse page
COM 145 [form]Interpersonal CommunicationInactivecourse page
DNCE 108 [form]Introduction to YogaNew (draft) 
DNCE 121 [form]Beginning BalletActivecourse page
DNCE 122 [form]Continuing Beginning BalletActivecourse page
DNCE 131 [form]Beginning Modern DanceActivecourse page
DNCE 132 [form]Continuing Beginning Modern DanceActivecourse page
DNCE 221 [form]Low Intermediate BalletActivecourse page
DNCE 231 [form]Low Intermediate Modern DanceActivecourse page
DRAM 101 [form]Introduction to Drama and ThealreInactivecourse page
DRAM 221 [form]Acting IInactivecourse page
DRAM 222 [form]Acting IIInactivecourse page
DRAM 260 [form]Dramatic ProductionInactivecourse page
ECON 120 [form]Introduction to EconomicsDeactivatecourse page
 Introduction to EconomicsActive 
ECON 130 [form]Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)Activecourse page
 Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)Archived 
ECON 131 [form]Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)Activecourse page
ECON 150 [form]Principles of MacroeconomicsInactivecourse page
ECON 151 [form]MicroeconomicsInactivecourse page
ECON 220 [form] Introduction to Environmental EconomicsActivecourse page
ECON 297 [form]Experimental Courses in EconomicsActivecourse page
ED 197E [form]Intro to Classroom ManagementInactivecourse page
EE 160 [form]Programming for EngineersActivecourse page
EE 211 [form]Basic Circuit Analysis IActivecourse page
ENG 20 [form]Reading and Writing EssentialsDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 21 [form]Intermediate ReadingDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 19 [form]Writing EssentialsDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 18 [form]Reading EssentialsDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 8 [form]Reading and Writing FundamentalsDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 22 [form]Introduction to CompositionDeactivatedcourse page
ENG 1 [form]Reading IInactivecourse page
ENG 8 [form]Reading and Writing FundamentalsArchivedcourse page
 Reading and Writing FundamentalsArchived 
ENG 9 [form]Basic Reading SkillsInactivecourse page
ENG 10 [form]Basic Writing SkillsInactivecourse page
ENG 18 [form]Reading EssentialsArchivedcourse page
ENG 19 [form]Writing EssentialsArchivedcourse page
 Writing EssentialsArchived 
ENG 20 [form]Reading and Writing EssentialsArchivedcourse page
ENG 21 [form]Intermediate Readingarchivedcourse page
 Intermediate Readingarchived 
 Intermediate Readingarchived 
ENG 22 [form]Introduction to CompositionArchivedcourse page
 Introduction to CompositionArchived 
 Introduction to Expository WritingArchived 
ENG 23 [form]Introduction to College Reading and WritingActivecourse page
 Introduction to College Reading and WritingArchived 
ENG 97 [form]Basic Read & Wrtg SkillsInactivecourse page
ENG 97B [form]Writing EssentialsInactivecourse page
ENG 100 [form]Composition IActivecourse page
 Composition IArchived 
 Composition IArchived 
 Expository WritingArchived 
ENG 100W [form]Composition I Writing WorkshopNew (draft) 
ENG 100X [form]Directed SupportActivecourse page
 Directed SupportArchived 
ENG 101L [form]Composition I Writing LaboratoryNew (draft) 
ENG 102 [form]College Reading SkillsActivecourse page
 College Reading SkillsArchived 
ENG 150 [form]Film Analysis and Storytelling New (draft) 
ENG 197 [form]Supplemental InstructionActivecourse page
ENG 199V [form]Magazine Production (Rain Bird)Activecourse page
ENG 200 [form]Composition IIActivecourse page
ENG 204A [form]Introduction to Creative Writing (Fiction)Modifycourse page
 Introduction to Creative Writing (Fiction)Active 
ENG 204B [form]Introduction to Creative Writing (Poetry)Modify (draft)course page
 Introduction to Creative Writing (Poetry)Active 
ENG 204C [form]Introduction to Creative Writing (Screenwriting)Modifycourse page
 Introduction to Creative Writing (Screenwriting)Active 
ENG 209 [form]Business WritingActivecourse page
 Business WritingArchived 
 Business WritingArchived 
ENG 212 [form]Argument WritingInactivecourse page
ENG 215 [form]Language and MediaInactivecourse page
ENG 250 [form]Major Works of American LiteratureInactivecourse page
ENG 251 [form]Major Works of British Literature (Middle Ages to 1800)Inactivecourse page
ENG 252 [form]Major Works of British Literature (1800 to present)Inactivecourse page
ENG 253 [form]World Literature IInactivecourse page
ENG 254 [form]World Literature IIInactivecourse page
ENG 255 [form]Types of Literature I: Short Stories and NovelsInactivecourse page
ENG 256 [form]Types of Literature II: Poetry and DramaInactivecourse page
ENG 257 [form]Themes in LiteratureInactivecourse page
ENG 270 [form]Introduction to Literature: Literary HistoryActivecourse page
ENG 271 [form]Introduction to Literature: GenreActivecourse page
ENG 272 [form]Introduction to Literature: Culture and LiteratureActivecourse page
ENG 280 [form]Book Production: Pueo Literary and Art JournalModify (draft)course page
 Book Production: Pueo Literary and Art JournalActive 
 Book Production: Rain Bird Literary and Art JournalArchive 
ENG 299V [form]Independent StudiesActivecourse page
ESL 5 [form]Bas Eng Skills Non-NativeInactivecourse page
ESL 97 [form]Basic Read & Wrtg SkillsInactivecourse page
FAMR 230 [form]Human DevelopmentActivecourse page
FR 101 [form]Elem French IInactivecourse page
FR 102 [form]Elem French IIInactivecourse page
FR 201 [form]Interm French IInactivecourse page
FR 202 [form]Interm French IIInactivecourse page
FSHN 185 [form]Food Science and Human NutritionActivecourse page
FSHN 190 [form]Native Nutrition and LifestyleNew (draft) 
GEOG 122 [form]Geography of HawaiâiInactivecourse page
GEOG 101 [form]The Natural EnvironmentActivecourse page
 The Natural EnvironmentArchived 
GEOG 101L [form]The Natural Environment LaboratoryActivecourse page
GEOG 102 [form]World Regional GeographyActivecourse page
GEOG 122 [form]Geography of Hawai‘iArchivedcourse page
GEOG 151 [form]Geography and Contemporary SocietyActivecourse page
GEOG 252 [form]The Landscape of Japan: Natural, Cultural and HistoricalActivecourse page
GG 101 [form]Dynamic EarthActivecourse page
 Introduction to GeologyArchived 
GG 101L [form]Dynamic Earth LaboratoryActivecourse page
 Dynamic Earth LaboratoryArchived 
GG 103 [form]Geology of the Hawaiian IslandsActivecourse page
GG 166 [form]Planetary GeologyDeactivatedcourse page
 Planetary GeologyArchived 
GG 200 [form]Geol Hawaiian IsleInactivecourse page
GG 210 [form]O‘ahu Field GeologyActivecourse page
GG 211 [form]Big Island Field GeologyActivecourse page
GG 212 [form]Maui Field GeologyActivecourse page
GG 213 [form]Moloka‘i, Lana‘i, and Kaho‘olawe Field GeologyActivecourse page
GG 214 [form]Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau Field Geology Activecourse page
GIS 150 [form]Introduction to GIS/GPSDeactivatedcourse page
 Introduction to GIS/GPSArchived 
HAW 50 [form]Basic Conversational HawnInactivecourse page
HAW 101 [form]Elementary Hawaiian IActivecourse page
 Elementary Hawaiian IArchived 
HAW 102 [form]Elementary Hawaiian IIActivecourse page
 Elementary Hawaiian IIArchived 
HAW 201 [form]Intermediate Hawaiian IActivecourse page
 Intermediate Hawaiian IArchived 
HAW 202 [form]Intermediate Hawaiian IIActivecourse page
 Intermediate Hawaiian IIArchived 
HAW 221 [form]Hawaiian conversationNew (draft) 
HAW 297 [form]PÄ KÄhea ka Leo Makua: Hawaiian Language Summer BridgeActivecourse page
 Experimental CourseArchived 
HAW 298 [form]New 
HIST 151 [form]World History to 1500Activecourse page
 World Civilization IArchived 
HIST 152 [form]World History since 1500Activecourse page
 World Civilization II Archived 
HIST 224 [form]History of Hawai‘i Inactivecourse page
HIST 230 [form]Pre-Modern European CivilizationActivecourse page
HIST 231 [form]Modern European Civilization IActivecourse page
HIST 232 [form]Modern European Civilization IIActivecourse page
HIST 241 [form]Civilizations of Asia IActivecourse page
HIST 242 [form]Civilizations of Asia IIActivecourse page
HIST 260 [form]Twentieth Century World History Activecourse page
HIST 270 [form]History, Cartoons, and Comic Books: Examining Historical Discourse through Popular Art. New 
HIST 281 [form]Introduction to American History IActivecourse page
HIST 282 [form]Introduction to American History IIActivecourse page
HIST 284 [form]History of Hawai‘iActivecourse page
HIST 285 [form]Environmental History of Hawai‘iModify (draft)course page
 Environmental History of Hawai‘iActive 
HLTH 125 [form]Survey of Medical TerminologyModify (draft)course page
 Survey of Medical TerminologyActive 
 Survey of Medical TerminologyArchived 
HPER 101 [form]Physical FitnessInactivecourse page
HPER 103 [form]Beg SwimmingInactivecourse page
HPER 104 [form]Interm SwimmingInactivecourse page
HPER 124 [form]Dances of Hawai‘i IInactivecourse page
HPER 125 [form]Dances of Hawai‘i IIInactivecourse page
HPER 130 [form]Beg TennisInactivecourse page
HPER 131 [form]Interm TennisInactivecourse page
HPER 132 [form]Adv TennisInactivecourse page
HPER 135 [form]VolleyballInactivecourse page
HPER 137 [form]BasketballInactivecourse page
HPER 158 [form]Fitness/NutritionInactivecourse page
HPER 174 [form]Adv LifesavingInactivecourse page
HPER 197 [form]Experimental CourseInactivecourse page
HUM 20 [form]Intro to HumInactivecourse page
HUM 100 [form]Introduction to HumanitiesActivecourse page
HUM 120B [form]Human Value FoodInactivecourse page
HUM 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
HUM 269V [form]Study Abroad (Designated Region)Activecourse page
HWST 107 [form]Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific Activecourse page
HWST 115 [form]Mo‘okūauhau: Hawaiian GenealogiesActivecourse page
HWST 130 [form]Hula I: ‘ŌlapaModify (draft)course page
 Hula ‘Ōlapa: Traditional Hawaiian DanceActive 
HWST 131 [form]Hula �lapa 'Elua: Traditional Hawaiian Dance IIModify (draft)course page
 Hula Ōlapa 'Elua: Traditional Hawaiian Dance IIActive 
HWST 135 [form]Kālai Lā‘au: Hawaiian Woodwork and Wood CarvingActivecourse page
HWST 136 [form]Kālai Lā‘au II: Advanced Techniques in Hawaiian CarvingActivecourse page
HWST 137 [form]Papahana Hawaiʻi: Hawaiian Cultural Project ClassNew (draft) 
HWST 140 [form]Mahi Ai I: Hawaiian Taro CultureActivecourse page
HWST 222 [form]Ma‘awe No‘eau: Hawaiian Fiber WorkActivecourse page
HWST 230 [form]Hula III: 'AuanaNew 
HWST 231 [form]Hawaiian Culture IInactivecourse page
HWST 233 [form]Hawaiian Culture IIInactivecourse page
HWST 251 [form]New (draft) 
HWST 255 [form]Introduction to the Hawaiian KingdomActivecourse page
HWST 270 [form]Hawaiian MythologyActivecourse page
HWST 273 [form]Tattoo Traditions of PolynesiaActivecourse page
HWST 275 [form]Wahi Pana: Mythology of the Hawaiian LandscapeModify (draft)course page
 Wahi Pana: Mythology of the Hawaiian LandscapeActive 
HWST 275L [form]Wahi Pana: Mythology of the Hawaiian Landscape Field LabActivecourse page
HWST 285 [form]Lā‘au Lapa‘au I: Hawaiian Medicinal HerbsActivecourse page
HWST 295 [form]Nana i Ke Kumu: Apprenticeship in Hawaiian StudiesNew (draft) 
HWST 296 [form]Special Topics in Hawaiian StudiesActivecourse page
ICS 115 [form]Advanced Computing ApplicationsDeactivatedcourse page
ICS 140 [form]Elementary Operating SystemsDeactivatedcourse page
ICS 120 [form]Spreadsheet FundamentalsDeactivatedcourse page
ICS 50 [form]Basic Computer SkillsDeactivatedcourse page
 Basic Computer SkillsArchived 
ICS 100 [form]Computing Literacy and ApplicationsActivecourse page
 Computing Literacy and ApplicationsArchived 
 Computing Literacy and ApplicationsArchived 
 Computing Literacy and ApplicationsArchived 
 Computing Literacy and ApplicationsArchived 
ICS 101 [form]Digital Tools for the Information WorldActivecourse page
 Digital Tools for the Information WorldArchived 
 Digital Tools for the Information WorldArchived 
ICS 105 [form]Introduction to Computing SkillsActivecourse page
ICS 105C [form]File Management and Word Processing SkillsInactivecourse page
ICS 105 [form]Computer and Information Literacy Exam PreparationArchivecourse page
ICS 105B [form]Information Retrival Course-Operating System SkillsInactivecourse page
ICS 105E [form]Information LiteracyInactivecourse page
ICS 105D [form]Information Retrieval Course - Online Communication SkillsInactivecourse page
ICS 105G [form]Microsoft PowerpointInactivecourse page
ICS 105H [form]Microsoft WordInactivecourse page
ICS 107 [form]Web Site DevelopmentActivecourse page
 Web Site DevelopmentArchived 
ICS 111 [form]Introduction to Computer Science IActivecourse page
 Introduction to Computer Science IArchived 
 Introduction to Computer ScienceArchived 
ICS 113 [form]Database FundamentalsActivecourse page
ICS 115 [form]Advanced Computing ApplicationsArchivedcourse page
 Advanced Microcomputer ApplicationsArchived 
ICS 119 [form]Introduction to Social MediaActivecourse page
ICS 120 [form]Spreadsheet FundamentalsArchivedcourse page
ICS 121 [form]Computing TopicsActivecourse page
 Microcomputer TopicsArchived 
ICS 123 [form]Introduction to Digital Audio/Video ProductionModifycourse page
 Introduction to Digital Audio/Video ProductionActive 
 Introduction to Audio and Video EditingArchived 
 Introduction to Audio and Video EditingArchived 
ICS 140 [form]Elementary Operating SystemsArchivedcourse page
ICS 141 [form]Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science IActivecourse page
 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science IArchived 
ICS 163 [form]Design for PrintActivecourse page
 Desktop PublishingArchived 
ICS 171 [form]Introduction to Computer SecurityActivecourse page
ICS 184 [form]Introduction to NetworkingActivecourse page
ICS 193V [form]Cooperative Education/Internship/PracticumActivecourse page
ICS 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
ICS 197A [form]Digital Image EditingInactivecourse page
ICS 203 [form]Digital Image EditingModify (draft)course page
 Digital Image EditingActive 
 Digital Image EditingArchived 
ICS 205 [form]New (draft) 
ICS 207 [form]Building Web Applications Activecourse page
 Building Web ApplicationsArchived 
ICS 208 [form]Website Design Modify (draft)course page
 Website Design Active 
ICS 211 [form]Introduction to Computer Science IIActivecourse page
 Introduction to Computer Science IIArchived 
ICS 212 [form]Program StructureActivecourse page
ICS 214 [form]Fundamentals of Design for Print and WebInactivecourse page
ICS 215 [form]Introduction to ScriptingActivecourse page
 Introduction to ScriptingArchived 
ICS 241 [form]Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science IIActivecourse page
ICS 281 [form]Ethical HackingActivecourse page
ICS 282 [form]Computer ForensicsActivecourse page
IS 205 [form]Advanced Career SeminarDeactivatecourse page
IS 152 [form]The Common BookDeactivatecourse page
IS 97C [form]Experimental Course: Study AbroadActivecourse page
IS 97 [form]Hawn Practical ArtsInactivecourse page
IS 97A [form]Hawn Practical ArtsInactivecourse page
IS 97B [form]Hawn Practical ArtsInactivecourse page
IS 103 [form]Introduction to CollegeActivecourse page
 Introduction to CollegeArchived 
 Introduction to CollegeArchived 
IS 104 [form]Exam Career AltInactivecourse page
IS 105 [form]Career Expl PlanInactivecourse page
IS 105B [form]Career Decision MakingActivecourse page
IS 105C [form]Professional Employment PreparationActivecourse page
 Professional Employment PreparationArchived 
IS 108 [form]Values ClarInactivecourse page
IS 110 [form]Art of HelpInactivecourse page
IS 111 [form]Self-DevelopmentInactivecourse page
IS 112 [form]Prep/Exam CareerInactivecourse page
IS 113 [form]Women Trans JourInactivecourse page
IS 152 [form]The Common BookActivecourse page
IS 160A [form]Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipArchived 
 Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipArchived 
IS 160B [form]Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipArchived 
IS 160L [form]Polynesian Voyaging and Seamanship LabArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and Seamanship LabArchived 
IS 197K [form]Intro Surf SciInactivecourse page
IS 197J [form]Coll Orien STAARInactivecourse page
IS 197F [form]Leadership DevInactivecourse page
IS 197E [form]VoyagingInactivecourse page
IS 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
IS 197B [form]Polyn VoyagingInactivecourse page
IS 197C [form]Polyn VoyagingInactivecourse page
IS 197D [form]Polyn Voyaging LabInactivecourse page
IS 197L [form]Intro SurfInactivecourse page
IS 201 [form]The Ahupua‘aActivecourse page
IS 204 [form]Themes in Popular CultureModifycourse page
 Themes in Popular CultureActive 
IS 205 [form]Advanced Career SeminarActivecourse page
IS 260A [form]Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipArchived 
IS 260B [form]Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipArchived 
IS 260L [form]Polynesian Voyaging and Stewardship LabArchivedcourse page
 Polynesian Voyaging and Stewardship LabArchived 
IS 261 [form]People, the Ocean, and the Environmental CrisisInactivecourse page
IS 271 [form]Introduction to Games and GamingActivecourse page
IS 272 [form]Concepts in Game DesignNew (draft) 
IS 297 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
JOUR 120 [form]Introduction to Digital Video JournalismActivecourse page
JOUR 150 [form]Media and SocietyActivecourse page
 Press & SocietyArchived 
JOUR 200 [form]Introduction to Multimedia JournalismNew (draft) 
JOUR 205 [form]Media Writing Activecourse page
 Media Writing archived 
 News Writingarchived 
JOUR 220 [form]Intermediate Digital Video JournalismActivecourse page
JOUR 250 [form]Media Writing Activecourse page
 Media Writing Archived 
JOUR 270 [form]Introduction to Multimedia StorytellingActivecourse page
JOUR 285V [form]Newspaper LaboratoryActivecourse page
 Newspaper LaboratoryArchived 
JOUR 286 [form]Multimedia News ProductionActivecourse page
JOUR 287V [form]Newspaper Production Activecourse page
JPNS 50 [form]Basic Spoken JapaneseInactivecourse page
JPNS 101 [form]Elementary Japanese IActivecourse page
 Elementary Japanese IArchived 
 Elementary Japanese IArchived 
JPNS 102 [form]Elementary Japanese IIActivecourse page
 Elementary Japanese IIArchived 
 Elementary Japanese IIArchived 
JPNS 108 [form]Basic Japanese ConversationActivecourse page
 Basic Japanese ConversationArchived 
JPNS 121 [form]Elementary level Immersion speaking Japanese for everyoneNew (draft) 
JPNS 197 [form]Basic Japanese ConversationNew (draft) 
JPNS 201 [form]Intermediate Japanese I Activecourse page
 Intermediate Japanese I Archived 
 Intermediate Japanese I Archived 
JPNS 202 [form]Intermediate Japanese IIActivecourse page
 Intermediate Japanese IIArchived 
 Intermediate Japanese IIArchived 
LAW 30 [form]Princ of Bus LawInactivecourse page
LING 102 [form]Introduction to LanguageActivecourse page
 Introduction to LanguageArchived 
LSK 30 [form]Coll Study SkillsInactivecourse page
LSK 35 [form]Learning Skills for College SuccessInactivecourse page
LSK 97 [form]Study SkillsInactivecourse page
LSK 110 [form]College Study SkillsActivecourse page
 College Study SkillsArchived 
MATH 19 [form]Developmental Mathematics IDeactivatedcourse page
MATH 22 [form]Pre-Algebra Mathematicsinactivecourse page
MATH 20 [form]Basic MathematicsDeactivatedcourse page
MATH 19 [form]Developmental Mathematics IArchivedcourse page
 Developmental Mathematics IArchived 
MATH 21 [form]Developmental Mathematics Iactivecourse page
MATH 21A [form]Basic College Mathematics IActivecourse page
 Basic College Mathematics IArchived 
 Basic College MathematicsArchived 
MATH 21B [form]Basic College Mathematics IIActivecourse page
 Basic College Mathematics IIArchived 
 Basic College Mathematics IIArchived 
MATH 24 [form]Elementary Algebra IActivecourse page
 Elementary Algebra IArchived 
 Elementary Algebra IArchived 
 Elementary Algebra IArchived 
MATH 25 [form]Elementary Algebra IIActivecourse page
 Elementary Algebra IIArchived 
 Elementary Algebra IIArchived 
MATH 26 [form]Elementary AlgebraActivecourse page
MATH 27 [form]Interm AlgebraInactivecourse page
MATH 28 [form]Developmental Mathematics IIActivecourse page
 Developmental Mathematics IIArchived 
 Developmental Mathematics IIArchived 
MATH 29 [form]Developmental Mathematics IIIActivecourse page
MATH 75X [form]Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning Activecourse page
MATH 78 [form]College Math CompanionModify (draft)course page
 College Math CompanionActive 
MATH 82 [form]Algebraic FoundationsActivecourse page
MATH 88 [form]College Algebra CompanionActivecourse page
MATH 97C [form]Math ReviewInactivecourse page
MATH 97A [form]Sel Topics MathInactivecourse page
MATH 97B [form]Elem Alg Lib Arts MajInactivecourse page
MATH 100 [form]Survey of MathematicsActivecourse page
 Survey of MathematicsArchived 
 Survey of MathematicsArchived 
MATH 101 [form]Mathematics for Veterinary Assistants & TechniciansActivecourse page
 Mathematics for Veterinary Assistants & TechniciansArchived 
 Mathematics for Veterinary Assistants & TechniciansArchived 
 Music SightreadingArchived 
 Mathematics for Veterinary AssistantsArchived 
MATH 103 [form]College AlgebraActivecourse page
 College AlgebraArchived 
 College AlgebraArchived 
MATH 111 [form]Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IActivecourse page
 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IArchived 
 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IArchived 
 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers IArchived 
MATH 112 [form]Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II Activecourse page
 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II Archived 
MATH 115 [form]Introduction to Statistics and ProbabilityModifycourse page
 Introduction to Statistics and ProbabilityActive 
MATH 135 [form]Precalculus: Elementary FunctionsActivecourse page
 Precalculus: Elementary FunctionsArchived 
 Precalculus: Elementary FunctionsArchived 
MATH 140 [form]Precalculus: Trigonometry and Analytic GeometryModifycourse page
 Precalculus: Trigonometry and Analytic GeometryActive 
 Precalculus: Trigonometry and Analytic GeometryArchive 
MATH 203 [form]Calculus for Business and the Social SciencesActivecourse page
 Calculus for Business and the Social SciencesArchived 
 Calculus for Business and the Social SciencesArchived 
MATH 205 [form]Calculus IModify (draft)course page
 Calculus IActive 
MATH 206 [form]Calculus IIModify (draft)course page
 Calculus IIActive 
MATH 206L [form]Calculus Computer LabDeactivatedcourse page
 Calculus Computer LabArchived 
MATH 231 [form]Calculus III Modify (draft)course page
 Calculus III Active 
 Calculus III Archived 
MATH 232 [form]Calculus IVModify (draft)course page
 Calculus IVActive 
MATH 241 [form]Calculus IActivecourse page
MATH 242 [form]Calculus IIActivecourse page
MATH 243 [form]Calculus IIIActivecourse page
MATH 244 [form]Calculus IVActivecourse page
MET 101 [form]Introduction to MeteorologyDeactivate (draft)course page
MET 101L [form]Introduction to Meteorology LabDeactivatedcourse page
MET 101 [form]Introduction to MeteorologyActivecourse page
MET 101L [form]Introduction to Meteorology LabArchivedcourse page
MGT 18 [form]Intro SupvInactivecourse page
MGT 120 [form]Principles of ManagementActivecourse page
 Principles of ManagementArchived 
MICR 130 [form]General MicrobiologyActivecourse page
MICR 140 [form]General Microbiology LaboratoryModifycourse page
 General Microbiology LaboratoryActive 
 General Microbiology LaboratoryArchived 
MICR 140L [form]General Microbiology Laboratory Activecourse page
MSCI 105 [form]Introduction to Military Science IArchivedcourse page
MSCI 105L [form]Introduction to Military Science IArchivedcourse page
MSCI 106 [form]Introduction to Military Science IIDeactivatedcourse page
 Introduction to Military Science IIArchived 
MSCI 106L [form]Introduction to Military Science IIDeactivatedcourse page
 Introduction to Military Science IIArchived 
MSCI 205 [form]Intermediate Military Science I Deactivatedcourse page
 Intermediate Military Science I Archived 
MSCI 206 [form]Intermediate Military Science IIArchivedcourse page
MUS 122D [form]Intermediate Classical GuitarDeactivate (draft)course page
MUS 101 [form]Music SightreadingModify (draft)course page
 Music SightreadingDeactivated 
MUS 106 [form]Music AppreciationActivecourse page
MUS 107 [form]Music in World CulturesModify (draft)course page
 Music in World CulturesActive 
MUS 108 [form]Fundamentals of Western MusicActivecourse page
 Fundamentals of Western Musicarchived 
MUS 114 [form]College ChorusModifycourse page
 College ChorusActive 
MUS 121B [form]Voice 1Modifycourse page
 Voice 1Active 
MUS 121C [form]Piano 1Modifycourse page
 Piano 1Active 
MUS 121D [form]Guitar 1Modifycourse page
 Beginning Classical GuitarActive 
 Beginning Classical GuitarArchived 
MUS 121F [form]Slack Key Guitar 1Modifycourse page
 Beginning Slack Key GuitarActive 
 Beginning Slack Key GuitarArchived 
 Beginning Slack Key Guitararchived 
MUS 121Z [form]‘Ukulele 1Modifycourse page
 Beginning UkuleleActive 
 Beginning UkuleleArchived 
 Beginning UkuleleArchived 
MUS 122B [form]Voice 2Modifycourse page
 Voice 2Active 
MUS 122C [form]Piano 2Modifycourse page
 Piano 2Active 
MUS 122D [form]Intermediate Classical GuitarActivecourse page
 Intermediate Classical GuitarArchived 
MUS 122F [form]Intermediate Slack Key Guitar IActivecourse page
 Intermediate Slack Key Guitar IArchived 
 Intermediate Slack Key Guitar IArchived 
MUS 123 [form]Elementary Voice 1Inactivecourse page
MUS 122Z [form]Intermediate UkuleleActivecourse page
 Intermediate UkuleleArchived 
MUS 124 [form]Elementary Voice 2Inactivecourse page
MUS 130F [form]Slack Key Guitar EnsembleActivecourse page
 Slack Key Guitar EnsembleArchived 
MUS 166 [form]Popular Music in AmericaActivecourse page
MUS 177 [form]Introduction to Hawaiian MusicActivecourse page
 Introduction to Hawaiian MusicArchived 
MUS 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
MUS 211 [form]Intro to Hawaiian EnsembleNew 
MUS 221C [form]Piano 3Modifycourse page
 Piano 3Active 
MUS 222C [form]Piano 4Modify (draft)course page
 Piano 4Active 
Mus 231 [form]New (draft) 
MUS 240 [form]Introduction to Digital MusicModifycourse page
 Introduction to Digital Music ProductionActive 
 Introduction to Digital Music Productionarchived 
MUS 241 [form]Digital Music Production IIActivecourse page
MUS 253 [form]Elementary Music In ActionActivecourse page
MUS 296 [form]Special Topics in MusicActivecourse page
NREM 250 [form]GIS Application in Environmental Science and Natural Resource ManagementDeactivatedcourse page
 GIS Application in Environmental Science and Natural Resource ManagementArchived 
OCN 101 [form]Introduction to the Marine Option ProgramModify (draft)course page
 Introduction to the Marine Option ProgramActive 
OCN 120 [form]Global Environmental ChallengesActivecourse page
OCN 201 [form]Science of the SeaActivecourse page
OCN 201L [form]Science of the Sea LaboratoryActivecourse page
OCN 220 [form]Hawai‘i FisheriesInactivecourse page
OCN 260 [form]Pacific Surf Science and TechnologyActivecourse page
OCN 260L [form]O‘ahu Surf Science and Technology LabActivecourse page
OR 110 [form]New (draft) 
PACS 108 [form]Pacific Worlds: An Introduction to Pacific Islands StudiesModify (draft)course page
 Pacific Worlds: An Introduction to Pacific Islands StudiesActive 
PH 201 [form]Introduction to Public HealthNew (draft) 
PHIL 100 [form]Introduction to Philosophy: Survey of ProblemsActivecourse page
PHIL 101 [form]Introduction to Philosophy: Morals and SocietyActivecourse page
PHIL 102 [form]Introduction to Asian Philosophy: Asian TraditionsActivecourse page
PHIL 110 [form]Introduction to LogicActivecourse page
PHIL 111 [form]Introduction to Inductive LogicActivecourse page
PHIL 210 [form]Intro to LogicInactivecourse page
PHIL 211 [form]Ancient PhilosophyActivecourse page
PHIL 213 [form]Modern PhilosophyActivecourse page
PHRM 203 [form]General PharmacologyActivecourse page
 General PharmacologyArchived 
PHYS 122 [form]Introduction to Science: PhysicalActivecourse page
PHYS 122L [form]Introduction to Physical Science LabActivecourse page
PHYS 151 [form]College Physics IActivecourse page
PHYS 151L [form]College Physics Laboratory I Activecourse page
PHYS 152 [form]College Physics II Activecourse page
PHYS 152L [form]College Physics Laboratory IIActivecourse page
PHYS 170 [form]General Physics I Activecourse page
PHYS 170L [form]General Physics I LaboratoryActivecourse page
PHYS 272 [form]General Physics IIActivecourse page
PHYS 272L [form]General Physics II LaboratoryActivecourse page
PHYS 274 [form]Introduction to Modern PhysicsActivecourse page
POLS 110 [form]Introduction to Political ScienceActivecourse page
POLS 120 [form]Introduction to World PoliticsActivecourse page
POLS 130 [form]Introduction to American GovernmentModify (draft)course page
 Introduction to American GovernmentActive 
POLS 180 [form]Introduction to Hawaiian PoliticsActivecourse page
POLS 243 [form]Introduction to Politics and FilmActivecourse page
POLS 297 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
PSY 97 [form]Intro Career in MHInactivecourse page
PSY 100 [form]Survey of PsychologyActivecourse page
PSY 170 [form]Psychology of AdjustmentActivecourse page
PSY 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
PSY 202 [form]Psychology of GenderActivecourse page
 Psychology of WomenArchived 
PSY 212 [form]Survey of Research MethodsActivecourse page
PSY 224 [form]Abnormal PsychologyActivecourse page
PSY 240 [form]Developmental PsychologyActivecourse page
PSY 250 [form]Social PsychologyActivecourse page
PSY 251 [form]Human SexualityActivecourse page
PSY 257 [form]Psychology in LiteratureActivecourse page
PSY 260 [form]Psychology of PersonalityActivecourse page
PSY 270 [form]Introduction to Clinical PsychologyActivecourse page
RE 100 [form]Princ Real EstInactivecourse page
REL 150 [form]Introduction to World's Major ReligionsActivecourse page
REL 151 [form]Religion and the Meaning of ExistenceActivecourse page
REL 201 [form]Understanding the New TestamentActivecourse page
REL 202 [form]Understanding Indian ReligionsActivecourse page
REL 205 [form]Understanding Hawaiian ReligionActivecourse page
REL 206 [form]Understanding ConfucianismActivecourse page
REL 207 [form]Understanding BuddhismActivecourse page
REL 296 [form]Special Topics in ReligionActivecourse page
REL 297 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
SCI 121 [form]Intro Sci BiolInactivecourse page
SCI 122 [form]Intro Sci PhysInactivecourse page
SCI 123 [form]Introduction to Science: Hawaiian PerspectivesInactivecourse page
SCI 124 [form]Tech, Ecol ManInactivecourse page
SCI 160A [form]Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipActivecourse page
SCI 160B [form]Polynesian Voyaging and SeamanshipActivecourse page
SCI 160L [form]Polynesian Voyaging and Seamanship LabActivecourse page
SCI 197 [form]Experimental CourseActivecourse page
SCI 260A [form]Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipActivecourse page
SCI 260B [form]Polynesian Voyaging and StewardshipActivecourse page
SCI 260L [form]Polynesian Voyaging and Stewardship LabActivecourse page
SCI 295 [form]Introduction to STEM ResearchNew 
SCI 295V [form]Introduction to STEM Research Activecourse page
SOC 275 [form]Intro Soc InqDeactivate (draft)course page
SOC 100 [form]Survey of General SociologyModify (draft)course page
 Survey of General SociologyActive 
SOC 218 [form]Introduction to Social ProblemsActivecourse page
 Introduction to Social ProblemsArchived 
SOC 231 [form]Introduction to Juvenile DelinquencyActivecourse page
 Introduction to Juvenile DelinquencyArchived 
SOC 250a [form]Community Forces in Hawai'iDeactivatedcourse page
SOC 250 [form]Community Forces in Hawai‘iArchivedcourse page
SOC 251 [form]Introduction to Sociology of the FamilyActivecourse page
 Introduction to Sociology of the FamilyArchived 
SOC 275 [form]Intro Soc InqInactivecourse page
SOCS 225 [form]Statistical Analysis for Social SciencesActivecourse page
SP 151 [form]Personal and Public SpeechActivecourse page
 Personal and Public SpeechArchived 
 Personal and Public SpeechArchived 
SP 181 [form]Introduction to Interpersonal CommunicationActivecourse page
 Introduction to Interpersonal CommunicationArchived 
SP 231 [form]Performance of LiteratureActivecourse page
SP 251 [form]Principles of Effective Public SpeakingActivecourse page
 Principles of Effective SpeakingArchived 
 Principles of Effective SpeakingArchived 
SP 253 [form]Argumentation and DebateActivecourse page
SP 260 [form]Organizational CommunicationActivecourse page
SPAN 101 [form]Beginning Spanish IActivecourse page
 Beginning Spanish IArchived 
SPAN 102 [form]Beginning Spanish IIActivecourse page
 Beginning Spanish IIArchived 
SPAN 201 [form]Intermediate Spanish IActivecourse page
SPAN 202 [form]Intermediate Spanish II Activecourse page
SSCI 193 [form]Cooperative Arts and Science Education (CASE)Activecourse page
SSCI 200 [form]Social Science Research MethodsModifycourse page
 Social Science Research MethodsDeactivated 
 Social Science Research MethodsArchived 
SSCI 293 [form]Cooperative Arts and Science EducationActivecourse page
SSCI 297 [form]Experimental CourseInactivecourse page
SW 200 [form]The Field of Social WorkModifycourse page
 The Field of Social WorkActive 
TEST 1234 [form]Modifycourse page
 TEST 1234 CourseActive 
THEA 101 [form]Introduction to Drama and TheatreActivecourse page
 Introduction to Drama and TheatreArchived 
THEA 131 [form]Beginning Unarmed Stage CombatActivecourse page
THEA 132 [form]Beginning Sword Stage CombatActivecourse page
THEA 133 [form]Stage Combat Workshop Level IModifycourse page
 Continuing Beginning Stage CombatActive 
THEA 177 [form]Introduction to Theatre of HawaiiActivecourse page
THEA 200B [form]Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Acting)Activecourse page
THEA 200C [form]Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Stagecraft)Activecourse page
THEA 200D [form]Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Costume)Activecourse page
THEA 211 [form]Mask Making and PerformanceActivecourse page
THEA 220 [form]Beginning Voice and MovementActivecourse page
THEA 221 [form]Acting IActivecourse page
 Acting IArchive 
THEA 222 [form]Acting IIModifycourse page
 Acting IIActive 
 Acting IIArchive 
THEA 231 [form]Intermediate Unarmed and Staff Stage CombatActivecourse page
THEA 232 [form]Intermediate Rapier and Dagger Stage CombatActivecourse page
THEA 233 [form]Stage Combat Workshop Level IIModifycourse page
 Intermediate Broadsword and Smallsword Stage CombatActive 
THEA 240 [form]Introduction to StagecraftActivecourse page
THEA 241 [form]Advanced StagecraftActivecourse page
THEA 250 [form]Comedy in PerformanceNew (draft) 
THEA 260 [form]Dramatic ProductionModifycourse page
 Dramatic ProductionActive 
 Dramatic ProductionArchived 
THEA 280 [form]Beginning PlaywritingActivecourse page
THEA 296 [form]Special Topics in TheatreModifycourse page
 Special Topics in TheatreActive 
WS 151 [form]Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies --- Change title to Introduction to Women's StudiesModifycourse page
 Introduction to Gender and Women's StudiesActive 
WS 200 [form]Culture, Gender, and AppearanceActivecourse page
WS 202 [form]Psychology of GenderActivecourse page
 Psychology of WomenArchived 
ZOOL 101 [form]Principles of ZoologyActivecourse page
ZOOL 105 [form]Hawaiian Use of Fish and Aquatic InvertebratesModify (draft)course page
 Hawaiian Use of Fish and Aquatic InvertebratesActive 
ZOOL 106 [form]Hawaiian Marine InvertebratesActivecourse page
 Hawaiian Marine InvertebratesArchived 
ZOOL 107 [form]Identification of Hawaiian FishesActivate (draft)course page
 Identification of Hawaiian FishesInactive 
ZOOL 141 [form]Human Anatomy and Physiology I Activecourse page
ZOOL 141L [form]Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab IActivecourse page
ZOOL 142 [form]Human Anatomy and Physiology IIActivecourse page
ZOOL 142L [form]Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab IIActivecourse page
ZOOL 154 [form]Exercise for WellnessActivecourse page
ZOOL 200 [form]Marine BiologyActivecourse page
ZOOL 200L [form]Marine Biology LaboratoryActivecourse page
ZOOL 254 [form]Essentials of Exercise for LifeModify (draft)course page
 Exercise TherapyActive