SP 251: Principles of Effective Speaking


SP 251: Principles of Effective Speaking (3 credits)

Course Description

Theory and practice of public speaking. Emphasizes practical skills in communicating with todays audiences, planning, and delivering speeches. (Offered occasionally) (3 hours lecture)

Pre-Requisite(s): Credit for ENG 100 or SP 151.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Independently research some aspect of Aristotle's life and times, contributing to a composite view.
  • Apply the principles of Aristotle's Rhetoric to contemporary speeches, evaluating the validity of those principles.
  • Identify resources with the use of an annotated bibliography.
  • Use group process to create evaluation formats for Public Speaking.
  • Present speeches investigating the results or process of their research in the areas of Aristotle's context and application of Rhetoric.
  • Write and deliver a Special Occasion Speech, using Rhetoric as a guide.
  • Participate in a group discussion using a symposium format.

Degrees and Certificates

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