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MUS 240: Introduction to Digital Music Production (3 credits)

Course Description

Introduction to digital music and sound production on the Macintosh platform: MIDI sequencing, audio recording, music arranging, editing, mixing and mastering; preparing audio files for CD, video and web applications; sound synthesis and programming using virtual instruments. (3 hours lecture)

Pre-Requisite(s): MUS 108, 121 (alpha) or 253; or consent of instructor.

Recommended Preparation: Basic Keyboard (piano) skills, computer (Mac) skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Use MIDI sequencing and audio recording software, and/or notation software, as tools for music composition, arranging and performance.
  • Apply basic skills in MIDI sequencing and editing, and digital audio recording and editing to audio mixing and mastering projects.
  • Prepare audio files for CD burning, and video and web applications.
  • Apply understanding of sound synthesis to create original sounds for music projects.
  • Transfer skills to other MIDI sequencing and digital audio software programs across PC and Mac platforms.

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Note for Students in Online MUS 240

This course uses Logic Express (or Pro) on the Macintosh platform.  It will be taught entirely online, making regular use of Laulima, email, and Twitter.  In addition to the prerequisite piano or instrumental performance course, students are required to:

  1. Have access to a dependable iMac, MacPro or MacBook with Logic Express 9 or Logic Pro 9 installed, and a reliable broadband internet connection.
  2. Have access to a USB MIDI keyboard, a USB audio interface and/or a microphone.
  3. Have access to suitable headphones, earbuds or speakers for audio monitoring.
  4. Check email regularly.

The computer with Logic installed must be at hand prior to the first day of class.

A limited number of keyboards, audio interfaces and microphones are available to be checked out for the semester.  Please note that the Logic software cannot be loaned out and must be purchased.

Upon registering, please contact Renee for specific information on preparing for class.  Mahalo!, 235-7481.


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