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JOUR 287V: Newspaper Production (1 credit)

Course Description

Complete production of the student newspaper Ka Ohana, including reporting, writing, layout, editing, photography, web and social media. Repeatable for up to 6 credits. (One hour lecture per credit )

Pre-Requisite(s): Grade of C or better in ENG 100 and credit for or registration in JOUR 205 or 250; or consent of instructor. NOTE: credits are variable 1 to 3 credits.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply basic journalistic concepts and principles to produce a range of articles that meet standards for publication, including readability, accuracy, news style and mechanics
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of page design principles and software to produce pages for a tabloid publication
  • Apply knowledge of photography to take pictures using a digital camera and to edit them for publications
  • As part of a team, produce a monthly publication that meets journalistic standards for news value, readability, accuracy, objectivity, clarity, balance and fairness
  • Demonstrate an ability to generate story ideas, meet deadlines, gather and organize information, and follow through on assignments

Degrees and Certificates

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