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CHEM 161: General Chemistry I (3 credits)

Course Description

Basic principles of inorganic chemistry with an emphasis on problem solving. First course of a two-course sequence designed to meet the one-year General Chemistry requirement for pre-med, science and engineering majors. Topics include chemical calculations, electronic structure, chemical bonding, states of matter and solutions. (3 hours lecture)

Pre-Requisite(s): A grade of “C” or better in Math 103 or higher, or placement into Math 135 or consent of instructor.

Co-Requisite(s): Registration in CHEM 161L.

Recommended Preparation: Student should have taken high school chemistry, CHEM 100, or CHEM 151.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Use the mole concept in solving stoichiometry problems involving solids, liquids, gases and solutions.
  • Balance chemical equations, classify reactions, identify and analyze the role of the chemicals involved in chemical reactions.
  • Predict the behavior of gases while undergoing changes in volume, pressure, temperature and quantity.
  • Manipulate thermochemical equations and calculate the amount of energy involved in chemical reactions.
  • Predict physical and chemical properties of elements based on electronic structure and location in the Periodic Table.
  • Predict physical and chemical properties of compounds based on chemical bonding, geometry and intermolecular interactions.

Degrees and Certificates

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