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Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)


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Chair: Jan Lubin


Ad Hoc Committees, 2014-2015

IEC Subcommittee on Professional Development in Assessment (SPDA)

Jan Lubin
Ardis Eschenberg
Nalani Kaun
Frank Palacat

Assessment Handbook Subcommittee
Tara Severns
Frank Palacat
Paul Briggs
Robert Barclay
Meta-Assessment Subcommittee
Jan Lubin
Frank Palacat
Jodi Storm
Jamie Boyd
Ross Langston
Johnny Singh
Annette Priesman
Joseph Yoshida
Bruce Collins
Non-Instructional Assessment Subcommittee
Ellen Ishida-Babineau
Preshess Willets-Vaquilar
Michael McIntosh
Kahea Tani
Institutional/Student Perception Survey Development Subcommittee
Ellen Ishida-Babineau
Preshess Willets-Vaquilar
Malia Lau-Kong
Bruce Collins