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Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service


Nominations are being accepted for the Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Service to recognize a Windward CC civil service or administrative, professional and technical (APT) employee for outstanding demonstrated work performance, service, leadership and/or the fostering of excellence in higher education.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any full-time civil service or APT employee who has been employed continuously for not less than 12 consecutive months at WCC.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION:  Employees shall be nominated for selection based on outstanding work performance and achievement.  Examples of outstanding accomplishments may include

  • making significant improvements in the services of the college;
  • showing imaginative or creative solutions to difficult department or college problems;
  • taking an active interest and participating in departmental or college affairs;
  • having a record of competence and sustained efficiency;
  • demonstrating integrity and dedication to the community college mission;
  • contributing to the increased efficiency of the college or the system through such means as eliminating unnecessary duplication, economically combining operations, procedures, reports and/or forms or eliminating water, fire, health or accident hazards.

Attached is a nomination form that is available on our website as a form-fillable page.  

The deadline to submit nominations to Chancellor is 4:30 pm on Friday, March 15, 2019.
(Applicationss may be submitted online or hard copy to my office)

Please call Christine Pang at ext. 402 or email if you have any questions.


Nomitation period is closed


Past Recipients