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Careers: Engineering



What is engineering?

Check out this interactive site that explains what engineering is and the different fields you can specialize in:

At UH Manoa the primary kinds of engineering are:

What can you do to start your engineering education at Windward CC?

1. Enroll for the Associate of Science in Natural Science (ASNS) Degree.  The ASNS degree with concentrations in either Biological or Physical Science is designed to prepare STEM students to transfer to four-year institutions.  Students interested in engineering should enroll in the Physical Science Track of the ASNS Degree. For more information visit:

To enroll in the ASNS degree program contact Letty Colmenares

Pre-Engineering Courses Available at WCC

  • Chemistry 161 – General Chemistry 1*
  • Chemistry 161L – General Chemistry 1 Lab*
  • Chemistry 162 – General Chemistry 2*
  • Physics 170 – General Physics 1*
  • Physics 170 L – General Physics 1 Lab*
  • Physics 272 – General Physics 2*
  • Physics 272L – General Physics 2 Lab*
  • Math 135 - PreCalculus: Elementary Functions
  • Math 140 - PreCalculus: Trig & Analytical Geometry
  • Math 205 – Calculus 1*
  • Math 206 – Calculus 2*
  • Math 231 – Calculus 3
  • Math 232 – Calculus 4

*Courses required for ASNS Degree Physical Science Track

2. Join the ‘IKE Program, a community of pre-engineering students from across the UH System.  The Indigenous Knowledge in Engineering (‘IKE) Program is devoted to encouraging and supporting Native Hawaiian students at community colleges to enter the engineering field.

More information on Windward CC’s ‘IKE Program

Need help with your pre-engineering courses?
Some resources at WCC to help you succeed in your pre-engineering courses:

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