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Materials Using the Windward CC Logo


Hundreds of people see materials representing Windward Community College each day-correspondence, publications, websites, exhibits, brochures, flyers, pens and pencils, etc. Together, these representations build an identity that symbolizes who we are and what we do. For this reason, the 2008 updated seal and nameplate should be included on any Windward CC campus communication that reflects the college's mission or administration, including printed materials, presentation, websites, merchandise items and signage.

To assure correct and consistent use of the Windward Community College seal and nameplate (logo), please work with marketing coordinator Bonnie Beatson. She will assist you with finding a vendor or vendors that are licensed and approved, by the University, to print and sell these items. Also, Bonnie has been informed to initial all of these requisitions. Any requisition without her initials will be returned. If you have questions about graphic standards, Bonnie can be found at Kuhina 109 or you can call her at extension 374.

To download a print-quality signature, please visit this link to the graphics standards manual: