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Faculty Services


For Faculty, textbooks are now ordered online. Sign in to the Bookstore Online Store to get started. First-timers must register before ordering textbooks.

Besides books, the store stocks art and school supplies, some snacks and other things that may be of interest to students and faculty. The Bookstore Manager will be happy to consider your requests for special supplies for your students or yourself.

View Textbook Instructions (PDF)

Desk Copies

Desk copies (or teacher’s editions) of your text must be ordered by you personally. Forms for requesting texts, which are free-of-charge from the publishers, are available in the Dean’s office. If your desk copy is late in arriving, ask your Department Chair if there is a copy you can borrow. You may purchase a copy of the text, keep your cash register receipt, and if you get an unmarked* copy from the publisher, return it (with the receipt) for a full refund from the Bookstore. (Advise the Bookstore manger if you are in this situation, ext. 418.)

*Be careful—most publishers send a “marked copy” which is not accepted to the Bookstore for resale.

Ordering Books and Other Course Materials

The Windward Community College Bookstore is the primary source of books and materials for classes taught by the college.

With textbooks that have access codes, it is important that the bookstore be told if it is acceptable to sell the access codes on their own or whether the physical textbook is also required.

The bookstore has the authority to decide how many copies of a particular book to order and it is understood that the bookstore will often order quantities less than the course's maximum enrollment. If the Bookstore does not have enough books (due to under-ordering) books will be re-ordered via expedited shipping (at no additional charge to dept or students) as long as a student places a written request within the first two weeks of the semester.

However, at the discretion of the department, the Department Chair can choose to guarantee that a specific number of books will be sold and thus should be purchased. The bookstore will purchase at least the quantity guaranteed by the Department Chair. In the event that the bookstore does not sell the number of copies guaranteed, the department will be charged with any incoming and return costs for the books (such as shipping and restocking fees). Any non-returnable/custom books will also need to be purchased by the department at cost.

The bookstore manager can be contacted at for information on ordering estimates for specific books. The Department Chair will send an email to the bookstore and the respective Dean of Academic Affairs with this information. The Department Chair will notify the bookstore about a possible guarantee at the time the textbook requisition is sent in.


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