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Check Your Class Roster

MyUH at is the official site for enrolled students and final grades submission. Tutorials are available at MyUH.

VERY IMPORTANT: Prior to the final exam, review your class roster on MyUH and refer students to the Admissions and Records Office if you find any discrepancies. Students listed in the Laulima site may not have officially registered for the class.

Final Grades

The Grades Due Date is published in the Catalog, Schedule of Classes, or check with Admissions and Records Office.

Generally, grades are due at 4:00pm on the Tuesday following the final exam period. Summer grades are generally due the Tuesday following the end of the Summer Session.

The End-of-Term process for the college cannot be completed until all grades from all instructors are submitted. This delay affects GPA calculation, grades availability to students, graduation confirmation, academic progress, academic honors, transcript requests, pre-requisite check, financial aid eligibility, VA benefits, etc.

A Change of Grade form for each student is required if grades are not entered by the deadline.

Publishing Grades from Laulima

Generally, grades should be entered via MyUH.

Publishing grades through Laulima may cause grades to be submitted in Banner incorrectly

  1. grade will not transfer in Banner if plus or minus grade submitted in Laulima
  2. I-grade cannot be entered in Laulima, I-grade must be submitted via MyUH
  3. last date of attendance cannot be entered in Laulima, last date of attendance must be submitted via MyUH
  4. student listed in Laulima may not have officially registered for the class

Entering Grades in MyUH

Refer to the college catalog for grading definitions

Don’t forget to set term.

The grade roster will only list the first 25 students. If you have more than 25 students in your class, be sure you go to the next page.

All students must have a grade (regardless of attendance). Do not leave a grade blank.

Please click the Submit Grades button frequently. There is a 60 minute time limit. If you are unsure of a student's final grade, leave it blank and enter the final grade later since you have until the due date to enter the grade.

Double check your entered grades by logging out completely and logging back in to MyUH and print a copy for your record (you can also save it as a PDF file to your computer).

The assigned grade for an Audit class is "L".

Last Date of Attendance

Last Date of Attendance is required per Financial Aid and VA regulations.

Last Date of Attendance can only be entered in MyUH.

For N, I/F, I/N, NC, F grades, you MUST enter the last date the student attended class via MyUH. The year must be entered in four digits (e.g. 11/17/2012). If the student never attended, enter the date prior to the first day of instruction.

For online classes, last day of attendance can be based on last date on which examination or paper/project filed, or last day of activity recorded with instructor (viewing online course is NOT an activity).

"I" (Incomplete) Grades