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Academic Subject Certificate in General Music


The ASC in General Music prepares and encourages students to pursue a professional career in music performance, studio recording or music academia. This would also meet the goals of students who plan to attend UH-West O‘ahu to pursue a BA in Humanities with a Studio Musician Concentration.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic elements of music theory and applications in areas such as notation, rhythm, and expression.
  • Demonstrate professional performance practices.
  • Analyze music history, literature, and culture.
  • Demonstrate proficiency on their instrument of choice.

Required Courses 25 Credits

Core Credits

16 Credits (All required)

MUS 106 Intro to Music Literature (3)
MUS 107 Music in World Cultures (3)
MUS 108 Fundamentals of Western Music (3)
MUS 121C Piano 1 (2) *If piano is not your primary instrument, you must choose a MUS 121 (B, D, F, or Z) course to fulfill your core requirement
One of the following
MUS 122B, MUS 122C, MUS 122D, MUS 122F, or MUS 122Z (2) (Level 2 of your primary instrument)
MUS 211 Intro to Hawaiian Ensemble (2)

Elective Credits

12 Credits

Music Performance Course Electives: Minimum of 6 credits

MUS 114 College Chorus (2)
MUS 121B Voice 1(2)
MUS 122B Voice 2 (2)
MUS 122C Piano 2 (2)
MUS 221C Piano 3 (2)
MUS 222C Piano 4 (2)
MUS 121D Guitar 1 (2)
MUS 121F Slack Key Guitar 1(2)
MUS 122F Slack Key Guitar 2 (2)
MUS 121Z ʻUkulele 1 (2)
MUS 122Z ʻUkuelele 2 (2)
MUS 211 Intro to Hawaiian Ensemble (2)

Music Course Electives: Minimum of 3 credits

MUS 166 Popular Music in America (3)
MUS 177 Intro to Hawaiian Music (3)
MUS 240 Intro to Digital Music Production (3)
MUS 241 Digital Music Production 2 (3)
MUS 253 Elementary Music in Action (3)
MUS 296 Special Topics in Music (3)