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Creative Media Academic Subject Certificate

Picure of Creative Media Students


Program Overview

Windward Community College’s Academic Subject Certificate in Creative Media is aimed at students wanting to focus on video game design or filmmaking and teaches them the foundational skills of their craft so that they can produce a final project with professional equipment and conforming to professional standards.

Currently, no campus in the UH System offers a focused program in video game design despite the fact that video games are a $11.7 billion industry in the United States. In addition, while there are campuses with digital video/cinema programs, there is no campus offering a focused program on documentary (non-fiction) filmmaking.

WCC’s academic subject certificate in filmmaking targets the aspiring independent filmmaker. Students in both the documentary and creative filmmaking tracks get an all-around education in producing, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing as well as a grounding in the business, ethical and legal aspects of the industry to tell their own stories for a variety of platforms. In addition, given WCC’s unique location in the culturally rich Ko‘olau region, its large population of Native Hawaiian students and its mission to “support the access and educational needs of Native Hawaiians,” our filmmaking students have increased access, opportunities and resources to create films steeped in Native Hawaiian culture.

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Understand and properly use the vocabulary of their industry (filmmaking or video game design).
  • Apply the technical skills of their industry and creative problem solving to produce a creative media product (a documentary short film, a fictional short film or a video game).
  • Develop a plan to take their creative media product to market.

This certificate consists of a minimum 24 total credits with three different tracks of emphasis: Video Game Design, Documentary Filmmaking, and Creative Filmmaking.

Required Course (3 credits)

JOUR 150: Media and Society

Required Courses for Area of Emphasis (18-21 credits)

Video Game Design – 21 credits

ART/CM 126: 3D Computer Graphics I (3)
CM 142: Introduction to Video Game Design (3)
CM 242: Video Game Design II (3) (Take twice)
CM 271: Games and Gaming in Society (3)
CM 272: Concepts in Game Design (3)

Documentary Filmmaking – 21 credits

CM 120: Introduction to Digital Video (3)
CM 220: Intermediate Digital Video (3) (Take twice)
CM 255: Introduction to Cinema and Digital Media (3)
CM/JOUR 286: Multimedia News Production (3)
JOUR 200: Introduction to Multimedia Journalism (3)

Creative Filmmaking – 21 credits

CM 120: Introduction to Digital Video (3)
CM/ENG 204C: Introduction to Creative Writing: Screenwriting (3)
CM 220: Intermediate Digital Video (3) (Take twice)
CM 255: Introduction to Cinema and Digital Media (3)
CM/THEA 223: Introduction to Acting for Camera (3)

Capstone Course

CM 295A: Careers in Video Game Design (3)
CM 295B: Careers in Filmmaking (3)