Academic Subject Certificate in Bio-Resources and Technology


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The ASC in Bio-Resources and Technology (Bio-Resource Development and Management) will prepare students for careers in environmental science/studies and qualify them to transfer to bachelor of science degree programs. Knowledge and training in Bio-Resource Development and Management will be an asset to the productive and efficient use of natural resources for promoting sustainable management of our environment.

This certificate will consist of 26 credits. See course descriptions for prerequisites.

Program Outcomes

  • Exhibit best management practices when extracting and utilizing natural resources.
  • Design and implement an environmental study.
  • Effectively use laboratory and field instrumentation to collect data.
  • Analyze and interpret environmental data.
  • Write an objective technical report involving the presentation and analysis of environmental data.

Required courses: (14 credits)

BIOL 171/171L & BIOL 172/172L are highly recommended for those students intending to major in an environmental science discipline at a four-year institution.

Elective Set 1 - Technology, Utilization, and Management: 6 credits

Elective Set 2 Environment and Ecology: 6 credits

BIOL 265/265L and GEOG 101L are highly recommended for those students intending to enroll in a baccalaureate-level environmental science program.