Associate in Science in Natural Science



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The Associate in Science in Natural Science will be a transfer degree designed for students pursuing STEM-related educational and career goals. The courses are designed to prepare students to transfer into science programs at UH-Manoa, UH-Hilo, and UH-West O‘ahu.

Program Outcomes

After completing the program, students will be able to:

  • Analyze data effectively using the most currently available technology
  • Communicate scientific ideas and principles clearly and effectively
  • Analyze and apply fundamental mathematical, physical, and chemical concepts and techniques to scientific issues
  • Apply fundamental concepts and techniques in their chosen field of study, such as biology, chemistry, geology, engineering, etc.

Graduation Requirements

Foundation Courses

3 credits of Written Communication (FW)

6 credits of Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG)

Diversification Courses

3 credits of Humanities and Language Diversification (DA, DH, or DL)

3 credits of Social Sciences (DS)

3 credits in Natural Sciences (DB or DP)


The Associate of Science in Natural Science has two concentrations: one in Biological Science and one in Physical Science.

Biological Science
(minimum 28 credits)
Physical Science
(minimum 25 credits)
(minimum 33 credits)

The biological science concentration is designed for students entering into fields such as Biology, Botany, and Zoology.

The physical science concentration is designed for students entering into fields such as Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Oceanography, and Physics.


The pre-engineering concentration is designed for students entering into Engineering.


Program code


Program code


Program code


Natural Science Electives

Natural Science electives: required a minimum of 6 credits of transfer-level Natural Sciences courses (DP, DB, DY).

Students pursuing the Physical Sciences concentration must take at least one biological science course as one of their Natural Science electives.

General Electives

General electives: transfer-level courses in any field to achieve a total of 60 credits.

Students are encouraged to take electives that will prepare them for their major.


The issuance of an AS degree requires that the student earn a grade point ratio (GPR) of 2.0 or higher for all courses applied towards the degree.


April 20, 2015