Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Degree


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The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is a two-year direct transfer liberal arts degree consisting of at least 60 semester credits at the 100 and 200 levels.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Global and Cultural Awareness: Develop the ability to perceive how people interact with their cultural and natural environments, through their own worldview and through the worldviews of others, in order to analyze how individuals and groups function in local and global contexts.
  2. Critical Thinking and Creativity: Make judgments, solve problems, and reach decisions using analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills.
  3. Communication: Use written, visual, and oral communication to discover, develop, and communicate meaning, and to respond respectfully to the ideas of others in multiple environments.
  4. Information Literacy: Identify information needed in a variety of situations, and access, evaluate, and use relevant information effectively and responsibly.

Overview of Requirements

To earn an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree, Windward Community College students must complete 60 credits in courses numbered 100 or above with a grade-point average of at least 2.0. Students who are awarded an Associate in Arts degree from a UH Community College must have a Community College cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for all course work taken in fulfillment of A.A. degree requirements.

At least 12 of the credits for the A.A. degree must be earned at Windward Community College. No more than 12 credits in any combination of independent study or cooperative education may apply to the degree requirements.

Credits must be earned in the required areas.

Any one course can fulfill only one area. (e.g.: SP 151, SP 231, SP 251)

Special Requirements

  • Writing Intensive (WI) (a total of 2 courses)
  • Math Placement: Place into Math 100 or complete Math 25 with a “C” or higher.

Foundations Requirements

Written Communication (FW) (Introductory Level Writing, 3 credits)

Symbolic Reasoning (FS) (3 credits)

Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG) (A total of 6 credits from two different groups.)

Oral Communication Requirements

Oral Communications (OC) (3 credits)

Diversification Requirements

Arts, Humanities and Literature

Required: A total of 6 credits, each course selected from 2 different groups.

Group 1: Arts (DA)

Group 2: Humanities (DH)

Group 3: Literature (DL)

Natural Sciences

Required: A minimum of 6 credits. 3 credits from the biological sciences area (DB) and 3 credits from the physical science area (DP). In addition, the student must take a science laboratory/field trip course (DY).

Biological Sciences (DB)

Physical Sciences (DP)

Natural Sciences Lab (DY)

Social Sciences

Required: A total of 6 credits from 2 different subject areas. (DS)


September 11, 2014