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Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts Degree


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The Associate in Arts (AA) degree is a two-year direct transfer liberal arts degree consisting of at least 60 semester credits at the 100 and 200 levels.

Learning Outcomes

Global and Cultural Awareness
Develop the ability to perceive how people interact with their cultural and natural environments, through their own worldview and through the worldviews of others, in order to analyze how individuals and groups function in local and global contexts.

Critical Thinking and Creativity
Make judgments, solve problems, and reach decisions using analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills.

Use written, visual, and oral communication to discover, develop, and communicate meaning, and to respond respectfully to the ideas of others in multiple environments.

Information Literacy
Identify information needed in a variety of situations, and access, evaluate, and use relevant information effectively and responsibly.

Overview of Requirements

To earn an Associate in Arts degree, Windward CC students must complete 60 credits in courses numbered 100 or above with a grade-point average of at least 2.0. Students who are awarded an Associate in Arts degree from a UH Community College must have a community college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for all coursework taken in fulfillment of AA degree requirements.

At least 12 of the credits for the AA degree must be earned at Windward Community College. No more than 12 credits in any combination of independent study or cooperative education may apply to the degree requirements.

Credits must be earned in the required areas.

Any one course can fulfill only one area. (e.g.: SP 151, SP 231, SP 251)

Special Requirements

  • Writing Intensive (WI) (a total of 2 courses)
  • Math Placement: Place into Math 100 or complete Math 25 with a “C” or higher.

Foundations Requirements

Written Communication (FW) (Introductory Level Writing, 3 credits)

Global and Multicultural Perspectives (FG) (A total of 6 credits from 2 different groups.)

Symbolic Reasoning (FS) (3 credits)


Oral Communication Requirements

Oral Communications (OC) (3 credits)

Diversification Requirements

Arts, Humanities and Literature

Required: A total of 6 credits, each course selected from 2 different groups.

Group 1: Arts (DA)

*Any combination that totals 3 credits will be considered the
equivalent of one semester course.

Group 2: Humanities (DH)

Group 3: Literature (DL)

Natural Sciences

Required: A minimum of 6 credits. 3 credits from the biological sciences area (DB) and 3 credits from the physical science area (DP). In addition, the student must take a science laboratory/field trip course (DY).

Note: BOLD text denotes Natural Science courses that fulfill both a lecture (as DB or DP) and a lab (DY) requirement simultaneously.

Biological Sciences (DB)

Physical Sciences (DP)

Natural Sciences Lab (DY)

Social Sciences

Required: A total of 6 credits from 2 different subject areas. (DS)

Note: Generally, any one course can fulfill only one area, e.g., SP 151, SP 231, SP 251 can fulfill either OC or DA, but not both.
Certain Natural Sciences courses can fulfill both DB and DY requirements.

Exploratory Majors

Exploratory majors are designed to use the students' interests as a starting point and to help provide structure and narrow choices for student success. At UHCCs, Exploratory Majors are designed primarily for Liberal Arts students who are unclear as to what they want to do, but have some idea of the general area they want to study. Currently, Windward CC has two exploratory majors, Exploratory Business and Exploratory Social Sciences. Exploratory majors will have a defined set of courses that are applicable to the students' terminal or transfer degrees. Within a well-defined set timeframe, students are counseled into a specific major or concentration.

Concentration in Visual Arts

The Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Visual Arts provides students with a strong studio art experience and art history curriculum that integrates conceptual and technical artistic skills with personal and creative exploration.

Required courses (6 credits):
ART 113*, **: Introduction to Drawing (3)
ART 116*, **: Introduction to Three-Dimensional Composition (3)

Concentration Electives (9 credits):
Select three additional art studio lab courses from the list below. For any courses listed below which may be repeatable, only three (3) credits may be applied to the Art Concentration Elective (ACE) Requirement. When a course has fulfilled the ACE Requirement and is then repeated, the additional three (3) credits may be applied to either the Diversification in Arts (DA) or General Elective Requirements.

ART 104D: Introduction to Printmaking/Screen Printing (3)
ART 105B: Introduction to Ceramics-Handbuilding (3)
ART 105C: Introduction to Ceramics-Wheelthrowing (3)
ART 107*: Introduction to Photography (3)
ART 111: Introduction to Watercolor Painting (3)
ART 114: Introduction to Color (3)
ART 115: Introduction to 2D Design (3)
ART 123*: Introduction to Oil Painting (3)
ART 189: Introduction to Hawaiian Art (3)
ART 202: Introduction to Digital Imaging (3)
ART 207*: Intermediate Photography: Techniques and Aesthetics of Photography (3)
ART 213*: Intermediate Drawing (3)
ART 214*: Introduction to Life Drawing (3)
ART 223*: Intermediate Painting (3)
ART 224: Painting from Life (3)
ART 243: Intermediate Ceramics-Handbuilding (3)
ART 244: Intermediate Ceramics-Wheelthrowing (3)
ART 253: Sculpture - Figure Modeling (3)
ART 260: Gallery Design and Management (3)

Theatre Concentration

The Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Theatre provides students with a strong performing arts experience and integrates conceptual and practical performance skills with personal and creative exploration. Upon completion of this 60-credit program, which satisfies all the requirements for the AA degree in Liberal Arts, students will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution to further their study (BA/BFA) in the various areas of theatre arts, including acting, musical theatre, playwriting, stage combat, and theatre production, or continue on their journey of becoming a professional artist.

Required courses (8 credits):
THEA 101: Introduction to Theatre and Drama (3)
Any two of the following:

THEA 260: Dramatic Production (3)

Concentration Electives (9 credits)
THEA 131: Beginning Unarmed Stage Combat (3)
THEA 132: Beginning Sword Stage Combat (3)
THEA 133: Continuing Beginning Sage Combat (3)
THEA 177: Introduction to Theatre of Hawaii (3)
THEA 200B: Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Acting) (1)
THEA 200C: Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Stagecraft) (1)
THEA 200D: Beginning Theatre Practicum: (Costume) (1)
THEA 220: Beginning Voice and Movement (3)
THEA 222: Acting II (3)
THEA 231: Intermediate Unarmed and Staff Stage Combat (3)
THEA 232: Intermediate Rapier and Dagger Stage Combat (3)
THEA 233: Intermediate Broadsword and Smallsword Stage Combat (3)
THEA 240: Introduction to Stagecraft (3)
THEA 241: Advanced Stagecraft (3)
THEA 260: Dramatic Production (3)
THEA 280: Beginning Playwriting (3)
THEA 296: Special Topics in Theatre (3)

Electives (9 credits) Any 9 credits numbered 100 or higher

Note: THEA 221 Acting I must be taken to fulfill AA Liberal Arts Diversification in Arts (DA) requirement for the Theatre Concentration

* Course articulates with UH Mānoa Art department course.
** Course cannot be used to fulfill AA Liberal Arts Diversification in Arts (DA) requirement when used to fulfill the Art Concentration requirement.