Academic Support - Directory


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Computing HelpLineInstitutional
Hale La‘akea 113235-7314
Duplicating ServicesInstitutional
Hale La‘akea 235-7301
Garrison, Woody Media
Hale La‘akea 116235-7303
Gray, Sarah Instructor and Collection Management/Reference Librarian
Hale La‘akea 206A235-7450
Kershaw, Mariko Assistant Professor and Cataloging/Reference Librarian
Hale La‘akea 317C235-7439
Lawes, Christy Access Services Manager
Hale La‘akea 203235-7441
Hale La‘akea 235-7436
McIntosh, Michael Information Technology Specialist
Hale La‘akea 113B235-7308
Media CenterInstitutional
Hale La‘akea 235-7301
Mero, Genny Library Technician
Hale La‘akea 317B235-7438
Nagaue, Ellen Testing Center Coordinator and Business Technology Professor
Hale La‘akea 228235-7498
Parisky, Alex Title III STEM Developer and Geology Lecturer
Hale La‘akea 242J235-7313
Ratliff, Elizabeth Associate Professor and Media Specialist
Hale La‘akea 242235-7302
Reference Desk at the LibraryInstitutional
Hale La‘akea 235-7338
Sakai, Diane Professor and Access Services/Reference Librarian, Retired
Sasaki, Charles Dean of Academic Affairs, Division II
Hale Alaka‘i 121C235-7416
Severns, Tara Professor and Public Services Librarian
Hale La‘akea 206C235-7440
Takamiyashiro, Jo Ann IT Specialist
Hale La‘akea 113G235-7337
Tokuda, Bryan Information Technology Specialist
Hale La‘akea 113F235-7307
Tom, Michael Professor and Computing Services Coordinator
Hale La‘akea 113D
Watanabe, Faye Library Assistant
Hale La‘akea 204235-7461
Westover, Jill Circulation Manager
Hale La‘akea 202235-7437
Wowor, VJ IT Specialist
Hale La‘akea 113C235-7332



Number of people in the list: 23