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Office of Academic Affairs


Vision Statement for Academic Affairs

To kindle the light of knowledge at Windward Community College.

Mission Statement

Academic Affairs is dedicated to student success by being responsive to the needs of faculty, staff, administrators, and the community. Our office promotes and ensures academic quality and academic freedom. We work collaboratively with other campus units to set academic policies, implement academic strategic plans and initiatives, provide budgetary oversight and supports the mission of the college.

Core Values

Ka lama kū o ka na‘auao
Creating meaningful curricula and diverse learning experiences.

‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu‘ia.
Working collaboratively and inclusively.

He pūnāwai kahe wale ke aloha
Serving and supporting with aloha

Kūlia i ka nu‘u
Striving for excellence

He ali‘i ka ‘āina, he kauwā ke kanaka
Caring for Hawai‘i and the planet

Goals for 2017-2018

Mission, Vision, Values, Goals

  • Share and promote the mission, vision, values and goals.
Faculty Support

  • Provide ongoing support to faculty in classroom instruction and educationally related endeavors.
    • Work with Staff Development to create and implement a mentoring program
  • mprove faculty online resources

Lecture Specific Support

  • Provide ongoing support to faculty in classroom instruction and educationally related endeavors.
    • Work with Staff Development to create and implement a mentoring program
  • Improve faculty online resources

New Degrees

  • Finalize AA Lib Arts Concentration in Performing Arts
  • Explore possible Creative Media Certificate of Competence
  • Redesign Agriculture program

Student Success

  • Provide leadership in Student Success Initiatives at system level to best serve Windward O ahu as well as the system
  • Communicate system initiatives to faculty, support implementation, advocate for needs

Developmental Education

  • Provide resources to Math and English Developmental Education instructors so they can best prepare students to succeed in transfer-level courses, as well as implement system mandates in this area.

Online Education

  • Provide training and support for online instructors.
  • Develop online only AA.

Papa o ke Ao

  • Work to support indigenization in the curriculum
  • Support efforts to promote equity in hiring practices
  • Increase support for Hawaiian learners and faculty
  • Complete Substantive Change in ‘ōlelo based coursework

International Education

  • Articulate pathway with two New Zealand institutions of higher education.


  • Work with Curriculum Committee, Faculty Senate, Marketing Department and administrators to produce a one-year catalog by start of Fall 2018 registration.


  • Create a one-year Master Schedule, which shows the courses that are to be offered each Fall and Spring, responsive to new metamajors and pathways. (This is one unfinished item of business from last year. It was too difficult given the large changes in STAR and pathways.)
  • Create an evening adult learner schedule that promotes an efficient pathway to degrees.

Early College High School

  • Add additional AVID pathways at Castle HS and Kahuku Intermediate & High School, additional Agripharmatech CO pathway at Kamehameha Schools, additional Polynesian Voyaging pathway at Hakipu‘u Learning Center, an additional HWST pathway at Kahuku’s Hawaiian language academy for next year and coursework at Women’s Community Correctional Center and Hawai‘i Youth Correctional Facility.


  • Forms – review for currency

Academic Affairs Personnel

Ardis Eschenberg, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Colette Higgins, Dean, Division I
Charles Sasaki, Dean, Division II
Carol Okimi, Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Erin Matos Harrel, Secretary to Dean, Division I
Christine Pang, Secretary to Dean, Division II
Colleen Watanabe, Office Assistant