Directory of Tenure-Tracked Faculty


Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Badua, Audrey MendozaSpeech Instructor
Hale Manaleo 107236-9221
Bassford, Kimberlee Journalism Instructor and Ka Ohana Faculty Advisor
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 239235-7396
Bensman, Lisamarie Psychology Instructor
Hale Na‘auao 122236-9232
Carmack, Ka‘ala Music Instructor and Director of the Hawaii Music Institute
Hale Pālanakila 130236-9130
Geiling, Sam (Katherine)Animal Science Instructor
Hale Na‘auao 121236-9107
Hanson, Deacon Business and Accounting Instructor
Hale Pālanakila 132236-9237
Inouye, Roy Director, TRiO Student Support Services
Hale Alaka‘i 129235-7453
Kelly, Jenny Animal Science Assistant Professor and Veterinary Technician Program Director
Hale Na‘auao 114236-9166
Koo, Ryan History Instructor
Hale Pālanakila 134236-9134
Lemke, Ann Disability/Admissions Counselor; Early Admit and Running Start Counselor
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 213235-7448
235-7413 (for appointment)
Li, Hongwei Microbiology Instructor
Hale ‘Imiloa 107236-9104
Logue, Nicolas Theatre Instructor
Hale Pālanakila 138236-9138
Palmer, Christian Anthropology Instructor
Hale Na‘auao 106236-9239
Poteet, Desi (Desiree)English Instructor
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 237236-9188
Sala, Makanani (Carly) Hawaiian Studies Instructor
Hale A‘o 103236-9248
St. John, Susan English Instructor
Hale Manaleo 109236-9226
Storm, Jody-Lynn Mathematics Instructor
Hale Mana‘opono 105236-9277
Sue, Laura ICS Instructor
Hale Pālanakila 119A236-9253
Webster, Jenny English Instructor
Hale Manaleo 104236-9235



Number of people in the list: 19