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Teaching Equivalencies


"Teaching Equivalencies" are a unit of measurement for determining faculty compensation that allows for differences in types of classes: studios, labs, lectures, etc.

The policy is based on the UHCCP policy #9.237 - Teaching Equivalencies (PDF).

Due date for new requests:

  • February 28 for requests beginning Fall semester
  • September 30 for requests beginning Spring semester
Completion reports are due within one month after the end of the semester.


Teaching Equivalencies

Faculty assigned time is classified as either established and applied for. Applications are not required for an established assigned time.

The established assigned times are:

  • Department Chair credits vary by department
  • Faculty Senate Chair receives 3 credits per semester
  • Curriculum Committee Chair receives 3 credits per semester

Incidental assigned time allocations are intended allow specific faculty to performs specific, short term tasks in support the college's mission.