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Syllabus Requirements and Assistance


Required Elements

Every class must have a syllabus. A syllabus template containing all necessary components is available below. At a minimum, the syllabus should contain a standardized cover sheet and information describing:

Syllabus template (doc)

You must submit your syllabus electronically to the Office of Academic Affairs (Word and PDF are preferred ) via before the start of each semester.

The format to organize this information (other than the cover sheet) is your choice.  Each semester, your Department Chair must review your syllabus(s).

Generate a Rough Calendar for your Course

To generate a rough calendar for a class:

  •   log in to the UH system
  • go to your "people" page via the directory
  • click on the "Core Schedule" link beside your course


If you need help in creating or revising your course syllabus, see either your Department Chair, your Vice-Chancellor, or your Dean.  They will be glad to give you assistance.  You are also encouraged to check the current College catalog for policies on grading, withdrawal from class, etc., to ensure that your course syllabi are consistent with these policies.