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New - (ID: 5459) Fall 2016 • requested on 2016-07-29 by: amendoza

Request: Type: change Requestor: amendoza Instructor: L Gilbert ---> CHANGE TO: New Hire (enter info into Notes field) Class: SP 151 Start Time: 08:30:00 End Time: 09:45:00 Days: MW Building: MLEO Room: 111 Other Changes: To change to Jeffrey Ho, new full-time hire Notes: Reasons: (CRN: 63452)
original: Alpha: SP 151 Title: Personal & Public Speech Credits: 3 () Instructor: L Gilbert Classroom: MLEO 111 Time and Days: 08:30:00 to 09:45:00 (MW) Class_Notes: Pre-Requisites: Placement in ENG 21 or ENG 23 or higher. CAPP Prerequisite: ENG23QUAL ENG 23 or ENG 21 Placement

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August 26, 2014