Policies for Faculty Regarding Field Trips


The following must be submitted to your Division Dean’s secretary prior to any field trip:

  1. Field Trip Notification Form (PDF) - to be filled out by the instructor for each field trip and submitted to the appropriate Dean prior to or at the beginning of the semester the field trip is taking place.

    Please note:  If a permit is required, Assistance Request Form (PDF) will be requested by your Dean and can take up to 8 weeks. You do NOT need to complete this form, as your Dean will complete and submit the form based on the information provided on the Field Trip Notification Form. More detailed information can be found on the UH Risk Management website
  2. Assumption of Risk and Release Form (PDF) - to be filled out by the students, submitted to the instructor, then submitted to the VCAA office before the 1st field trip of the semester (one form covers all field trip activities scheduled for the semester).
  3. Class Roster - to be attached to Assumption of Risk and Release Forms so the VCAA office can verify that each student has an Assumption of Risk and Release Form on file.