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Guidelines and Procedures for Cancelling Courses


Enrollment management must balance several competing factors, including the desire to offer more courses while at the same time ensure that courses have sufficient enrollment.

In the weeks leading up to the beginning of a semester, the Deans, Department Chairs, and the Vice-Chancellor review the class enrollment data regularly.

Low Enrollment

Because classes differ in many ways, are offered in many disciplinary contexts, and are offered to satisfy many different demands, it is not possible to set a minimum cutoff for all classes.

Low enrollment has several meanings. At minimum, "low enrollment" will typically mean classes with under 15 students. However, this number will be adjusted each semester.

Decisions on cancellations will only be made after consultation with Department chairs and appropriate faculty.

Usually, the Thursday before classes are to begin, the Deans ask the department chairs' advice about classes with low enrollment.

When a class is cancelled, an email is sent to the department chair, the instructor, the web master, and the person working with Banner.

Special Considerations

In some cases, classes with very low enrollments will receive additional scrutiny.

  • Courses that exist only as a single section.
  • Courses that are the second course in a two-semester sequence.
  • Courses that are required for completion of a certificate offered by the college.
  • Courses offered for the first time.