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Study Areas on Campus


Other Resources

Public Computers (require login)

  • Library
  • Palanakila 112 Hallway
  • Imiloa Hallway
  • Student Activities Center


Main Study Areas

  • The Library - computers, study rooms, and other services.
  • The Great Lawn - Banyan Trees, tables and benches

Other Possible Study Areas

Hale Imiloa

  • Main hallway - tables, chairs, and computers. About 10 seats.

Hale Ākoakoa

  • Atrium - regular tables and chairs, open late, a little dark in the evening. Closes by 6:00pm. About 20 seats.
  • Upstairs landing, overlooking the great lawn - outdoor chairs and large tables, but can be a little windy and the light is not very good at night. About 15 seats.
  • Outside landing on the Ka'a'wa side of the building - no shade or protection from the rain. About 20 seats.

Hale Palanakila

  • Outside - concrete tables and stools as you enter Palanakila from the main campus
  • Atrium - no tables but some benches on the side, can be noisy. About 10 seats.
  • Hallway on the first floor near room 112. Three seats and computers.
  • The TAP room - Palanakila 109

Hale Na'auao

  • Lobby - tables, chairs, couches
  • TRiO - computers and other services.

Hale Mana'opono

  • Lobby - tables and chairs. About 10 seats..

Hale A'o

  • tables in the lobby