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The Windward CC Neighborhood


Note: this page is meant only for informational purposes and in no way represents an official endorsement or other evaluation of the businesses mentioned.

A Farmer's Market, part of the People's Open Market Program, is held every Thursday beginning at 10:45am at Kaneohe District Park, mauka (towards the ocean) of the Windward Health Center, 45-660 Kea‘ahala Road.


  • Castle Medical Center, 640 Ulukahiki Street Kailua, 263‑5500
  • Kaiser Ko‘olau Clinic, 45-602 Kamehameha Highway, 432-3800
  • Waimanalo Health Center, 41-1347 Kalanaianaole Highway, 259-7948
  • Windward Health Center, 45-691 Keaahala Road, 233-5457 - free TB testing, etc.

Libraries and Bookstores


Place Names

  • Ka'a'awa - "the wrasse fish"
  • Kahuku - "the projection"
  • Kailua - "two seas"
  • Kane‘ohe - "bamboo husband"
  • Kapa'a - "the solid" or "the closing"
  • La'ie - "the 'ie leaf"

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