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Hale Manaleo


Picture of Hale Manaleo

Now Open!

Current primary function: Language Arts

Built in the 1930s (as part of the Hawaii Territorial Hospital). The building was formally called Hale La‘akea and was the home of the Library.


Course Schedule for Summer 2018

Course Alpha - Title (and Credits)InstructorTimesDaysRoomStart DateCRN
SP 151 - Personal & Public Speech (3)Raphael10:15am to 11:50amMTWRHale Manaleo 1257/0263076
ENG 100 - Composition I (3)Carreira Ching8:30am to 10:00amMTWRHale Manaleo 1127/0263091
SP 251 - WI-Prin Effective Public Spkng (3)Badua10:00am to 11:30amMTWRFHale Manaleo 1117/0963085
ENG 100 - Composition I (3)Priesman9:00am to 11:15amMTWRFHale Manaleo 1256/0463097
ENG 100X - Directed Support (1)Priesman11:20am to 12:30pmMTWRFHale Manaleo 1256/0463098

June 8, 2014