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Planning an Event for Windward CC groups


Here are some suggestions when hosting an event at Windward Community College.

This page is designed to help internal groups organize events on campus.

External groups should contact the Office of Continuing Education for information on renting our facilities.

Room Rental

  • Room reservations are handled by the Facilities Use Specialist at OCET. You can call the office to find out which rooms are available and to put a temportary hold on your room request. Reservations must be made at least 10 days prior to the event.
  • On the reservation form, make sure to specify your technological needs: microphone, computer, remote clicker for Powerpoint, access to the media cabinet, podium, etc.
  • Give yourself enough time to set up and take down your equipment, etc.

Possible Promotion Activities

  • Contact the Marketing Director for help with press material such as a press release, a poster, and so on. This needs to be done at least six weeks before the event.
  • Contact the campus webmaster to create a website for the event - the page can be listed on posters, emails and press releases.
  • Enter event information on public events websites like the local newspapers.
  • Put posters around campus (and create a PDF to distribute with emails and link to on the web). Note that staples and tape cannot be used - push pins are required.
  • If your event is a college event, email the facstaff list.
  • Contact Ka Ohana - the student newspaper. They publish monthly, so make sure to give them as much warning as possible.
  • Make sure to tell people where they can find a map of the campus and perhaps information on the building.


  • Don't provide anything that's loud (like chips, or drinks buried in ice)
  • Ice can be obtained on campus by first contacting OCET - you must pick it up
  • Place the food in the most accessible and least distracting place (perhaps in the back, farthest away from the speaker)
  • If you have food, try to have a vegetarian option (with enough for non-vegetarians as well) and label everything as much as you can to help people with special dietary needs
  • If you serve coffee and tea, try to have sugar, artificial sweeteners, milk, and stir sticks


  • Evaluation form - are there questions that a funder would want asked?
  • Tape the event - a video recorder and other equipment are available for Windward faculty and staff from the Media Center, or perhaps contact Olelo if the event is appropriate for public access television
  • Take pictures - a digital camera is available for Windward faculty and staff from the Media Center


  • paper, pencils and pens
  • Signs that will guide people to the event
  • Any flyers? - perhaps make PDFs of them for the web page
  • Items for displays? - posters, handouts of other events, etc.
  • Food supplies, such as plates, spoons, forks, napkins, garbage bags
  • A bottle of water for the speaker - available from cafeteria or vending machines if you forget
  • A lei for the speaker
  • An introduction
  • A backdrop - especially if you're videotaping the presentation
  • Background music - you must ask OCET for access to the media closet





November 17, 2014