Hale A‘o


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Hall of Learning

Nā Hale A‘o hou also includes two secondary buildings:

Facilities Use

External Users

Funding constraints for the new facilities prohibits use of the facilities by external groups, organizations and individuals for the first 10 years of its existence. External users can partner with WCC entities on educational ventures and have their internal user submit the paperwork for facility use.

Internal Users

Click here to download the Facilities Use Request Form for Hale A'o (PDF) for WCC users to book Hale A’o facilities. Email the form to peterm@hawaii.edu, or drop off to faculty mailboxes c/o Kalawaia Moore
Kalawaia will check available dates and get back to you asap.

Available facilities include the following spaces:

  • Hale A’o 101, Classroom style - 20 chairs, 8 Tables
  • Hale A’o 102, Dance and Performance style room - 20 chairs
  • Hale A’o 106, Classroom style - 35 chairs, 15 Tables
  • Hale A’o 107, Classroom style - 35 chairs, 15 Tables
  • Hale A’o 111, Kitchen

Main Functions

Once called "The Supervisor's Residence" and "The White House", the structure was built in 1929 and was once the residence of the Hawaii State Hospital director. This is the only original wood frame building to survive. This two-story Four Square house sits on a lava rock post and pier foundation and has a steep hipped roof with overhanging eaves with exposed rafter tails. The clapboard clad dwelling features a right of center, single story portico with a hipped roof supported by square, paneled posts. An original lanai with transom windows extends from the right rear.

Course Schedule for Spring 2017

Course Alpha - Title (and Credits)InstructorTimesDaysRoomStart DateCRN
MUS 122F - Intermediate Slack Key Guitar (2)Kimokeo10:00am to 11:15amMWHale A‘o 1011/0964211
MUS 121F - Beginning Slack Key Guitar (2)Kimokeo11:30am to 12:45pmMWHale A‘o 1011/0964141
MUS 177 - Intro to Hawaiian Music (3)Carmack11:30am to 12:45pmTRHale A‘o 1011/0964101
MUS 121Z - Beginning Ukulele (2)Kimokeo1:00pm to 2:15pmMWHale A‘o 1011/0964140
MUS 122Z - Intermediate Ukulele (2)Kimokeo2:30pm to 3:45pmMWHale A‘o 1011/0964142
HAW 102 - Elementary Hawaiian II (4)Sanborn8:30am to 9:20amMTWRHale A‘o 1021/0964365
REL 151 - WI-Rel & Meaning of Existence (3) - syllabusHadmack10:00am to 11:15amTRHale A‘o 1021/0964407
DNCE 131 - Beginning Modern Dance (3)Durrant10:00am to 11:15amMWHale A‘o 1021/0964358
DNCE 132 - Cont. Beginning Modern Dance (3)Durrant10:00am to 11:15amMWHale A‘o 1021/0964359
REL 150 - Intro to Major World Religions (3) - syllabusHadmack11:30am to 12:45pmTHale A‘o 1021/0964038
HWST 270 - WI-Hawaiian Mythology (3) - syllabusMoore11:30am to 12:45pmMWHale A‘o 1021/0964179
HWST 130 - Hula 'Olapa (3)Gora1:00pm to 3:00pmTRHale A‘o 1021/0964274
HWST 131 - Hula 'Olapa 'Elua (3)Sala1:00pm to 3:00pmMWHale A‘o 1021/0964275
HWST 130 - Hula 'Olapa (3)Sala1:00pm to 3:00pmMWHale A‘o 1021/0964374
HWST 107 - Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific (3)Camvel8:30am to 9:45amMWHale A‘o 1061/0964050
HWST 107 - Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific (3)Hoe10:00am to 11:15amTRHale A‘o 1061/0964055
HWST 296 - WI-Encounter Traditions (3)Sala10:00am to 11:15amMWHale A‘o 1061/0964280
HWST 107 - Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific (3)Hoe11:30am to 12:45pmTRHale A‘o 1061/0964099
HWST 107 - Hawai'i: Center of the Pacific (3)Camvel11:30am to 12:45pmMWHale A‘o 1061/0964016
HAW 202 - Intermediate Hawaiian II (4)Sanborn6:00pm to 8:00pmMWHale A‘o 1061/0964370
HAW 102 - Elementary Hawaiian II (4) - syllabusFaria10:00am to 10:50amMTWRHale A‘o 1071/0964366
PACS 108 - Pacific Worlds (3)Allen11:30am to 12:45pmTRHale A‘o 1071/0964200
HWST 273 - Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia (3)Allen1:00pm to 2:15pmTRHale A‘o 1071/0964182
HWST 285 - La'au Lapa'au: Hwn Med Herbs (4)Makepa-Foley2:30pm to 5:00pmMWHale A‘o 1071/0964245
HAW 102 - Elementary Hawaiian II (4) - syllabusFaria6:00pm to 8:00pmMWHale A‘o 1071/0964368
HAW 202 - Intermediate Hawaiian II (4)Meinecke10:00am to 10:50amMTWRHale A‘o 1161/0964371

July 11, 2014