Hale Alaka‘i Directory

Last Name and First Name [sort]Position [sort]   and emailLocation [sort]Phone
Admissions and RecordsInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 112235-7432
Allen, Ryan Janitor
      e-mail: rallen92@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Antonio, Cresencia Janitor
      e-mail: clantoni@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Banac-Aricayos, Kuincey Janitor
      e-mail: kuincey@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Business OfficeInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7411
Cacatican, Chris Janitor
      e-mail: chriscac@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Chambers, Faye Safety and Security Manager, Interim
      e-mail: fchamb@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 125235-7343
Hale Alaka‘i 119235-7402
Chigawa, Steven Financial Aid Officer
      e-mail: chigawa@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 107235-7457
Cho, Karen Personnel Officer
      e-mail: kcho@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 120B235-7404
Collins, KC Director of Development for Community Colleges
      e-mail: kc.collins@uhfoundation.org
1-866-846-4262, 956-3717 (fax)
Development OfficerInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 113235-7460
Dykstra, Doug Chancellor
      e-mail: dykstra@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 119A235-7402
Financial Aid Office Institutional
      e-mail: wccfao@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 107235-7449
Fiscal AdministratorInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7412
Hale, Elizabeth Cashier
      e-mail: ehale@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7407
Higgins, Colette Dean of Division I
      e-mail: chiggins@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 121B235-7339
Human Resources DepartmentInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 120B235-7404
Hunt, Jeff Director of Institutional Research
      e-mail: jwhunt@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 106C235-7442
Imai, Geri Registrar
      e-mail: gerii@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 112B235-7432
Inouye, Roy Director, TRiO SSS
      e-mail: royinouy@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 106235-7453
Isa, Dayna Financial Aid Officer
      e-mail: disa@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 107235-7471
Ishida, Kirk College Planning Advisor, TRiO, Educational Talent Search
      e-mail: kirki@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 123235-7479
Kashiwaeda, Stephanie Administrative Officer
      e-mail: skash@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7417
Kaun, Nalani QuinnInformation Specialist, Office of Planning, Research and Assessment
      e-mail: nquinn@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 106A235-7311
Lewis, Gina Learning to Grow Program Specialist
      e-mail: ginaltl@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 129462-4705
Li, Andy Facilities Manager
      e-mail: zhili@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 125A235-7369
Lono, Shannon Account Clerk
      e-mail: slono@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7410
Low-Liu, Denise Learning to Grow Program Specialist
      e-mail: dlow@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 129462-4704
Lubin, Jan Director of Planning and Program Evaluation
      e-mail: lubin@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 106A235-7456
Lum, Theresa Janitor Supervisor
      e-mail: tmlum@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Mail Room Institutional
Hale Alaka‘i 127
Mattos Harrell, Erin Secretary to the Dean for Academic Affairs, Division I
      e-mail: mattose@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 121235-7445
Miranda, C. Ku'ulei Peer Tutor & Academic Skills Coordinator, TRiO Student Support Services
      e-mail: daniluck@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 116235-7459
Mow-Taira, Wendy Director - TRiO Educational Talent Search
      e-mail: mowtaira@hawaii.edu
Hale Kako‘o 124235-7478
Nakagawa, Sharon Fiscal Administrator
      e-mail: ssnakaga@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7412
Niibu, Dorene Secretary to the Chancellor
      e-mail: dniibu@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 119235-7402
247-5362 (fax)
Office of Academic AffairsInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 121235-7422
Office of Administrative ServicesInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7405
Office of the Chancellor Institutional
Hale Alaka‘i 119235-7402
Omoto, Gail Learning to Grow Program Specialist
      e-mail: omotog@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 129462-4700
Operator (main switchboard)Institutional
Hale Alaka‘i 235-7400
Ostrowski, Robert Janitor
      e-mail: ro9@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Pactol, Brian Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
      e-mail: pactol@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7403
Puu, Karen Office Assistant, Admissions and Records
      e-mail: kpuu@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 112235-7432
Hale Alaka‘i 112B235-7432
Rita, Denice Office Assistant, Financial Aid
      e-mail: dsrita@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 107235-7449
Salvador, Aileen Office Assistant, Student Services
      e-mail: aileensa@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Ākoakoa 212235-7427
Sasaki, Charles Dean of Division II
      e-mail: sasakich@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 121C235-7416
Sato, Stacie Personnel Officer
      e-mail: sasato@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7426
Shapiro, Kawai Office Assistant
      e-mail: kawaialo@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7408
Shibuya, Noriko Janitor
      e-mail: norikoshi@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Souza, Jordan Hawaiian Studies Lecturer
      e-mail: jordanso@hawaii.edu
Hale ‘Iolani 115none
Student EmploymentInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7426
Hale Alaka‘i 235-7400
Talent SearchTalent Search
Hale Alaka‘i 102
Tani, Kahea Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
      e-mail: tanik@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 120235-7405
Teruya, Derrick Janitor
      e-mail: dteruya@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 110235-7406
Testing CenterInstitutional
      e-mail: wccdet@hawaii.edu
Hale La‘akea 228235-7498
Hale Kako‘o 116
Hale Kako‘o 116
Hale Kako‘o 116
TRiO - Educational Talent SearchInstitutional
Hale Alaka‘i 124235-7480
TRiO - Student Support Servicesformerly the STAAR Program
Hale Kako‘o 116235-7487
Troeger, Emi Business Technology Professor, Retired
      e-mail: emi@hawaii.edu
Vice Chancellor for Administrative ServicesInstitutional
      e-mail: kevini@hawaii.edu
Hale Alaka‘i 114235-7403
Watanabe, Faye Library Assistant
      e-mail: fayew@hawaii.edu
Hale La‘akea 204235-7461
Windward Community College (FAX)Institutional
Hale Alaka‘i 120247-5362