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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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AA - Associate in Arts

ABE - Adult Basic Education

ABIT - Applied Business and Information Technology - Certificate of Competence

ACCFSC - All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs

ACCJC - Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College

ADOI - Assistant Dean of Instruction (now called Dean of Academic Affairs)

ADP - Academic Development Plan

AEL - Aerospace Exploration Lab

AKOA - Hale Akoakoa

APAPA - Academic Planning, Assessment, and Policy Analysis

APT - Administrative, Professional, and Technical - employment type

ARPD - Annual Report of Program Data

ASC - Academic Subject Certificates

ASUH - Associated Students of the University of Hawaii

ATD - Achieving the Dream

ATP - Authorization to Plan, used for prorams that requrie Board of Regents approval

AY - Academic Year

BOR - Board of Regents

CAE - Center for Aerospace Education

CATs - Classroom Assessment Techniques

CCAAC - Credit Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee

CCAO - Council of Chief Academic Officers

CCCFSC - Community College Council of Faculty Senate Chairs

CCCM - Chancellor for Community Colleges Memo

CCLC - Community College Leadership Champions - Tsunoda Leadership Champions

CDC - Campus Distance Coordinators - a system-level committee

CIP - Capital Improvement Project

CIP - Classification of Instructional Programs (part of the IPEDS system)

CNA - Certified Nurse Aide Program - offered by the Employment Training Center

COA - Cost of Attendance (used for Financial Aid)

CRN - Course Reference Number

CEEB - College Entrance Examination Board (Windward Community College's number is 4976)

CR/NC - Credit/No Credit grading options

DA - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Arts

DAC - Dean's Advisory Council (committee) - now the Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Council

DB - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Biological Sciences

DCs - Department Chairs

DH - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Humanities

DL - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Literature

DL - Distance Learning - (also known as Distance Education)

DLAC - Distance Learning Advisory Committee - a system-level committee

DOE - Department of Education (Hawaii State)

DOI - Dean of Instruction (now called the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs)

DP - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Physical Sciences

DPC - Division Personnel Committees

DQP - Degree Qualification Profile - administered by The Lumina Foundation

DS - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Social Sciences

DY - Diversification Requirement for A.A. Degree - Natural Sciences Lab

CES - Course Evaluation System

EDP - Educational Development Plan

EFC - Estimated Family Contribution

EMC - Enrollment Management Committee - now desolved

ETC - Employment Training Center - now called the Office of Career and Community Education

ETS - Educational Talent Search (part of TRiO)

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FG - Foundations Requirement for A.A. Degree - Global and Multicultural Perspectives

FOB - Financial Obligation

FS - Foundations Requirement for A.A. Degree - Symbolic Reasoning

FS - Faculty Senate

FTE - full-time equivalent

FW - Foundations Requirement for A.A. Degree - Written Communication

FYE - First Year Experience

GPA - Grade Point Average

HAP - Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues Board

HCC - Honolulu Community College

HSGC - Hawaii Space Grant Consortium

HSPLS - Hawaii State Public Library System

HTI - Hybrid Technology Intensive. An HTI class is part face-to-face, part online.

IACUC - The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee at the Univeristy of Hawai‘i System

ICS - Information and Computer Science

IEC - Institutional Effectiveness Committee

IR - Institutional Research

IRO - Institutional Research Office

IWD - Individuals with Disabilities

KCC - Kauai Community College or Kapiolani Community College

LCC - Leeward Community College

LGBTIE - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Inter-sex Equality

LILO - Learning Information Literacy Online

LLC - Library Learning Commons - now called Hale La‘akea

LRU - Library Research Unit

M/B - Mathematics and Business Department

MANAO - Hale Mana‘opono

MaPSAC - Master Planning and Space Allocation Committee

MCC - Maui Community College

MLEO - Hale Manaleo

MMR - Measles-Mumps-Rubella (immunizations required for admission into the college)

MPC - Media Production Center

NSO - New Student Orientation

OCET - see OCCE - Office of Continuing and Community Education

OCCE - Office of Continuing and Community Education - formerly OCET

OHR - Office of Human Resources

OIR - Office of Institutional Research

ORS - Office of Research Services - UH Systemwide office handling grants

OVCAA - Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

OVCSA - Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

PALANA - Hale Pālanakila

PaCES - Center for Environmental Studies

PAPA - The Paliku Academy of Performing Arts

PBC - Planning and Budget Council

PCC - Program Coordinating Council

PPWG - Policy and Planning Work Group

PRU - Plan Review Use - from the City and County

PSDS - Psycho-Social Developmental Studies - Certificate

PTK - Phi Theta Kappa, the student honors society on campus

RISO - Registered Independent Student Organizations

SAR - Student Aid Report - part of the FAFSA process

SD - Staff Development Committee

SLOs - Student Learning Outcomes

SOC - Schedule of Classes

SOC - Standard Occupational Classification (from the Federal Department of Business and Labor)

SPO - State Procurement Office

SS - Department of Social Sciences

SSH - Student Semester Hour

SSS - Student Support Services (part of TRiO)

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

TLC - The Learning Center - now The Testing Center

TPA - Teaching Project Assignments

TPRC - Tenure Promotion Review Committee

UAP - Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

UB - Upward Bound (part of TRiO)

UH - University of Hawaii

UHM - University of Hawaii at Manoa

UHCCP - University of Hawaii Community College Policy

VCAA - Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

VCE - Vocational and Community Education

WAB - Writing Advisory Board

WAC - Writing Across the Curriculum

WASC - Western Association of Schools and Colleges - the accreditor of Windward CC

WCC - Windward Community College

WHM - Women's History Month

WI - Writing Intensive - a course designation that is part of the Associate in Arts Degree

WoLC - Wo Learning Champions

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