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Hale Alakaʻi will be temporarily closed from May 20 for electrical repairs. Read more for relocations and details.

Distinguished Community Partner

Terry George

President & CEO at Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Since 2003, Terry George has been responsible for more than $7 million dollars in grantmaking each year for public education enhancement and redesign, near-shore marine resource conservation, and strengthening the vibrancy of Windward O‘ahu communities.

I first met Terry and Castle Foundation in 2011 when he asked, “if Windward could fund a dream, what would it do?” That resulted in the creation of our Paipai o Koʻolau program, which continues today and has served adult learners, former foster youth and others.  That program has resulted in high graduation rates, including at the master’s level. 

Our Early College Program, which serves every public and charter school on the windward side is also a result of the support of the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation. Our students in this program average an A- in college classes they take in high school and go on to college at higher rates.

During the pandemic, Castle Foundation funded another dream. Education Director Alex Harris helped us to envision removing tuition as a barrier to encouraged college going among our seniors.  It has resulted in our Hoʻolei scholarship and our largest freshman class in a decade! 

It also resulted in tonight – building a scholarship endowment so that we can do this in perpetuity, keeping this dream going.

This award recognizes the work of Terry George and the Harold KL Castle Foundation. Without which, WIndward would not be the place of learning it is today.

Distinguished Lifelong Supporter & founding faculty

Jacquie Maly

Dr. Jacqueline Maly

Windward Community College Professor Emerita

As a WCC founding faculty member, Dr. Jacqueline Maly taught biology, psychology and nutrition in WCC’s early years. She retired 24 years ago and stays involved by volunteering for public shows at the Hōkūlani Imaginarium, the high-tech planetarium on the campus and manages WCC’s retired faculty group, Ho‘opili, or “sticking together”, to keep members in touch.

Jacquie is a constant advocate for and supporter of Windward. When we wanted to address student hunger early in the pandemic, we got a grant from HCF that required an $8,000 match. That day, I told Jacquie, I donʻt know how weʻll match it, but we just have to. Jacquie took out her checkbook and said, how much do you need? That launched our Meals with a MIssion meals for students program, which continues to this day and which she has continued to support. 

When our chef had an idea to provide cooking courses during the pandemic, Jacquie helped outfit the stations so students safely gather and learn. Our community was thankful for this safe learning environment in a difficult time. We were thankful to Jacquie for making it happen.

This year, Jacquie created a $20,000 matching scholarship drive for our  scholarship endowment and endowed a scholarship in honor of our beloved retired faculty, Dr. Joe Ciotti. She has sponsored food and wine and created the cookbook you see tonight.

Jacquie has provided endless opportunities for students and colleagues. On campus Jacquie is referred to as “WCC’s Angel”. We canʻt thank Jacquie enough.

Distinguished Alumnus

Ian Kitajima

President of PICHTR; WCC Alumnus

Ian has been described as Tech Sherpa, Translator, Storyteller, Talent Agent, Design Thinker, and Jedi in training (as said on his LinkedIn).

Prior to joining PICHTR, Ian Kitajima was known as the “Tech Sherpa” and director at Oceanit for over 21 years, developing next generation technologies for defense, medical, clean energy, and consumer applications. While at Oceanit he co-founded three venture startups, initiated new areas such as nanotechnology and applied AI, and championed the Design Thinking and computer science movements in public education for over a decade.

He serves on numerous boards and is a proud graduate of Castle High School, Windward Community College, and UH Mānoa Shidler College of Business. 

Ian has established a scholarship for Windward Community College students who transfer into Shidler College of Business, creating access to the baccalaureate and a pathway for our alum to follow in his footsteps. 

This year, he is working with WCC and Castle Complex to help us weave together agriculture and coding through smart farm tech, inspiring our students to meet food and tech needs for our island communities. 

Ian is a sherpa on so many levels in all he does, climbing mountains but also guiding others to climb with him.  We are proud to call him our alumnus.

Distinguished Alumna

Lina Girl Langi

Windward CC Alumna

Lina Girl Langi is a proud graduate of Windward Community College, where she earned three academic subject certificates in Hawaiian studies (2008) and her associate’s degree (2013). 

Even before coming to WCC, as a high school student, Lina Girl and her friends recorded their first album. Lina Girl became one of Hawaii’s top radio personalities with KCCN FM100 and Hawaiian 105 KINE FM in Honolulu. A household name in the Islands, her voice can be instantly recognized anywhere! 

Lina Girl is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gives back to the community through this as well. She can often be seen playing, singing and instructing ‘ukulele alongside her husband Bruddah Sam Langi.

Lina Girl defines aloha with her positivity, kindness, and intelligence. She can do anything – She plays music, sings, emcee’s, dances hula, and supports higher education at Windward Community College.

We count on her for this, as WCCʻs ambassador of aloha. She regularly gives back to WCC, her alma mater, by speaking to future students and empowering them to attend college. Each time weʻve had an important event, such as tonight’s gala, she always works hard to help us. The one time she couldnʻt, she found someone to help us and strong armed them into doing so. 

The day Lina Girl walked on our campus, it became an even better place. Weʻre so happy to keep having her here and count her as our distinguished alumna.