Waimanalo Beach Park: 2359388.9N  635583.1E

Marine water quality is ranked fair at this site, and rated # 5 of 7 sites surveyed. The geomean of 19 ENT/100mL was below the EPA standard but did not meet the State standard.

Waimanalo Beach Park is a wide sandy beach with excellent conditions for a variety of marine recreational activities. There exists no dangerous water hazards. The waters are designated as a Class A Zone. The waters of this beach are sampled weekly for the presence of fecal contamination by the state DOH Clean Water Branch.
A stream/storm drain fed pond is formed just behind the beach and about 500 meters to the east of the water sample point used in this project. The water from this pond overflows into the ocean during heavy rains, accounting for the occasional elevated enterococci values. This pond should be routinely monitored, particularly following periods of heavy rainfall.

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